20 Fall Essentials #14: Fur

Although it was strangely warm yesterday, we’re still revved and ready for the fall weather at Betsey Johnson. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been getting in a lot of shearling, faux fur, and soft knits – super cozy and super warm! Faux fur vests and coats are extremely trendy right now, with designers like, as I mentioned, Betsey Johnson, celebrities like Rachel Zoe and even our go-to stores like H&M and Forever 21 all touting faux fur pieces, there’s no doubt in my mind that fur outwear and accessories are must-have essentials for this fall. Would you wear it?! Of course you would – read on!

One of the greatest aspects about faux fur is that it is animal-friendly, with it, you know being faux! I’m not one who is against real fur, but it is nice knowing I am not wearing a real animal, I suppose. Something that I really look for in my fur though is warmth! There is nothing better than cozying up and wrapping yourself on a breezy night with a soft coat, scarf, or vest. The fabric also holds an air of sophistication and class – old Hollywood glamour, to be exact! I can vividly imagine this floor-length mink fur coat my mom has – it’s so heavy but it’s the warmest item of clothing I’ve ever put on. I wouldn’t exactly go floor-lengths with my fur, so let’s scoop out a few tips and ways to don faux fur this fall!

Hot Tips
  • Color: Fur comes in a variety of shades and patterns, the most common being brown, white, and black. When choosing a color, it’s all about how you plan to wear your piece – don’t be afraid to wear reds – they’re hot this fall!
  • Texture: Like color, there are various textures that go along with fur. A big reason why faux fur has become so popular throughout the years is because it’s very touchable and cozy! Fur comes in weaves anywhere from soft and silky to shaggy. With a change in texture, your outfit has an entire new feel to it.
  • Mixing It Up: If you’re worried about finding chic ways to incorporate fur into your wardrobe, don’t be! There are tons of different ways to wear this trend:
    • As a vest: If you’re semi-ready to start wearing fur, look for a vest – cropped or long! Rachel Zoe’s F/W 2011 collection showcased some great fur vests. 
    • As an accent: If you’re terrified of the fuzzy stuff, go for a fur collar as an accent on a jacket or vest or look for a fur capelet!
    • As an accessory: If you’re not into wearing fur on your body whatsoever, that’s okay, too! You can still include the trend into your outfit by looking for fur handbags and scarves.
    • As a coat/jacket: If you’re ready to jump right into wearing fur, opt for a jacket or coat! You’ll stay incredibly warm and look super chic – you won’t even need to accessorize much!

Using some of the tips above, I’ve compiled three ways to wear the trend: casual for daytime, classic for nighttime, and a trendy/edgy look for a night on the town!

Fur Look #1

Fur #2

Fur Look #3

What do you think of these looks above? How do you wear your fur
 throughout the year, but mainly this fall? Share in the comments below!
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  1. i love the Betsey Johnson Suede Pumps! 🙂


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