20 Fall Essentials #16: Heeled Loafers

There really isn’t one item of clothing or accessory I dislike about fall – I feel the season brings out the best in fashion regardless of your own personal style. Today we’re talking shoes and let me tell you, I desperately need to dedicate an entire day for shoe shopping before rain and snow starts hitting down hard and I find nothing in my closet to wear!

One of the season’s hottest trends in shoes is loafers; I’ve never been a fan of the style as they look old and frumpy to me – just putting it out there! This season though, designers have brought us heeled loafers – an entirely new spin on the otherwise plain, yet classic, style – and I am loving it. We’re seeing high-heeled loafers a lot this Fall – embrace the rich colors and textures of the shoe with patent leather, suede, and supple leather in bold hues like burgundy, navy, caramel, black, deep blues and greens. Imagine a pair with opaque or sheer black stockings and you’re absolutely set on donning a sexy, yet sophisticated, look.

The loafer style is extremely versatile – wear it with your favorite flared jeans during the day, a classic pencil skirt for work, or your favorite billowy dress at night. Take a look at an array of styles below, and share how you would wear the shoe!Loafers #2

Hey, a girl can dream for those last few, right?! If only…
Which ones are your favorites? If you have a pair,
let me know how you wear them!
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2 responses to “20 Fall Essentials #16: Heeled Loafers”

  1. The last save platform pumps are fabulous! I am totally following your blog:)


  2. Lili: Yes!! And only $60?! Stealllll. Thanks girl!

    xo Danah


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