20 Fall Essentials #17: Sheer Genius

When Halloween is over, I begin to get really excited because it’s closer to my birthday (my 21st is in 11 days!), Thanksgiving, the end of the school semester, Christmas break, and the New Year – so many events to think about! I always look forward to the Holiday season – despite me celebrating a particular one or not – there’s still yummy baking and putting together stylish looks for all the festivities. To wrap up my 20 Fall Essentials series, I’m kicking off the week today by sharing a more sultry look, followed by sharing how to incorporate hyper colors into your wardrobe to amp it up a little this fall – nobody wants to be a hermit wearing dark and stormy colors!

Jenny Packham, Jason Wu, Stella McCartney, Gucci Fall 2011 RTW

One trend I’ve been noticing a lot more lately is sheer – this season’s sheer trend truly captivated me from the first moment I saw it on the runway. I briefly discussed how to wear the trend during the spring, but for fall, we have an entirely different vibe! The look can be quite tricky to rock in everyday attire though, considering the vibe it can give off (a little too risqué, yes?) Not only can it be difficult to keep warm while wearing thin sheer layers, but you also have to figure out how to walk the line between looking fashion-forward and being mistaken for some unappealing dancer. So how sheer is to sheer? What is acceptable for the office? For day? Night? Ahhh! Don’t worry though – keep on reading to find out how to make this season’s hottest sheer styles work for you in confidence without any mishaps.

Sheer Genius
  • The first note to keep in mind is to break the look up into two categories: daytime and nighttime. This way, you won’t be intimidated upon wearing your particular sheer piece(s) because you’ll know exactly what works for day and what works for play! To make it even easier, wear your darker sheer pieces at night and keep the lighter tones during the day. Honestly though, either work for work or play – it just depends on your mood in the end!
  • During the day, especially when at work, keep a basic principle in mind: the sheerness of the garment should be some sort of illusion and not exactly a vivid sheer. All skin should be covered by an opaque layer beneath your sheer fabric piece – for example, in a blouse. Invest in a nude slip or camisole to wear underneath sheer garments – perfect to mix in during the day. To play up the look even more, feel free to swap the nude for a colored under-layer to make the sheer stand out even more. This still enables you to stylishly wear the trend while still looking professional. 
  • Avoid wearing too much sheer on days where you will be running around a lot, unless you bring a blazer or cardigan to layer atop the blouse/shirt. When not wearing a shirt and opting for a midi or long dress or tunic, layering is your best friend! Wear your sheer top over your favorite pair of pants, leggings, or jeans for a super sleek, comfortable, and fashion-forward look. Throw on a blazer, cardigan, or a leather jacket and last but not least, accessorize – as the look is very clean and has lots of movement so you definitely want some panache added! 
  • Another way to incorporate sheer into your top is by looking for a piece with sheer sleeves and an opaque front and back – this way, you won’t need to worry about what you wear underneath. If you’re even more sheer-shy than that and not ready to fully commit to a gauzy garment, you can still give the trend a try by playing with pieces that have sheer details like transparent panels at the collarbone or sheer inserts on the waist, back, shoulders or sleeves. 
  • A great, easy, and very quick option is to look for pieces that already incorporate sheer fabric over an opaque one. For instance, in the two looks below, you will work the look perfectly – the sheer fabric is layered over an existing skirt, allowing you to look stylish while maintaining a conservative appearance – two in one!

Sheer Pieces to Wear… Now!
Sheer Genius
  • Maxi Sheer Dot Skirt: ASOS $81
  • Butterfly Sheer Panel Legging: Karmaloop $80
  • Velvet Sheer Lace Dress: Oasis $90
  • Lace & Velvet Blouse: Alexander Wang $360
  • Chiffon Panel Pleat Dress: Warehouse $70
  • Sheer Sweater: Joseph M $96

  • I hope you all enjoyed bringing out your inner vixen with these
     sexy yet sophisticated ‘sheer genius’ looks. What are your favorite 
    ways to wear the trend? If you’re not a huge fan, why not?

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