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20 Fall Essentials #18: Rouge Rage

The song ‘Disaster Boy’ by Cobra Starship fits pretty perfectly with the Fall Essential I’ll be discussing today: rouge rage! I feel it was a source of inspiration for sharing the post on this day rather than another, since I’m kind of obsessed with the song at the moment… and the album cover for the single has a red stiletto… I mean.. seriously. Go check it out here! *I wasn’t told to spread the word about this song or anything of the sort, I just really like it!

Its no surprise that designers would transition from the bright hues of the summer – oranges, pinks, and yellows – into a color that’s still rich and bright like scarlet. From Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs to Gucci, Lanvin and Diane Von Furstenberg, the Fall 2011 runways were all featuring a pop of red in their otherwise neutral-hued palettes. The color screams sophistication and sex appeal and is known to be a classic shade from head to toe – even in the lips! This hue works perfectly with all the neutral tones we’re seeing this fall like camels and khakis, making it a stylish and easy-to-put-together trend!

Red is obviously bold, which is why some might be afraid to pull it off because you might feel that, well, you can’t. But of course you can – that’s pretty much why I share these how-to’s: to show you that you can and will pull off any trend, no matter what! Now it’s not to say that you should don a head-to-toe crimson look, but you can still turn into a sexy siren and fire up the streets if you head in the right direction.

Six Simple Ways to be a Sexy Siren
  1. Dress it Up: The perfect (and one of the easiest) party look begins with a transformational red dress. Complement the piece like the one below with a jeweled belt or sleek gold-plated cuffs to be the center of attention this season. It’s red velvet, too – who wouldn’t want you?!
  2. Kick it Off: The view from the top won’t be so lonely in a hot pair of red stilettos like the ones from Zara below. Shoes like this are bound to attract mega attention – and that’s what the rouge rage is all about!
  3. Kiss it: You’re sexy and you know it! It’s the easiest way to don this trend and it just so happens to be one of the sexiest as well! Dive back into the 1940s with a classic red lip – whether bright crimson or blood red – your lips will do the talking the whole night… (literally) If lipstick is too bold for you, try a lipstain for a just-bitten kiss or a lip balm for a more natural color.
  4. Accessorize it: Whether you decide to go full on out vampire red with teeth and all – via Betsey Johnson’s vampire collection below – or opt for a delicate, more girly approach like the flower ring by Disney Couture – you’re good to go with a simple outfit.
  5. Bottoms up: If you’re in for a bold, bold ride… look for some red-hot pants! If you’re a super bright enthusiast, you’ll love the mid-rise skinny jean by J Brand below. For a more subtle approach that still has an edgy vibe, try a coated deep red pant, like the ones also from J Brand below.
  6. Bag Lady: I love pops of color, and holding a red bag is an obvious method of adding that needed pop on gloomy, cool days. Hold a large structured satchel or tote during the day and swap it for an edgy boxy clutch when hitting the town at night!
I’m pretty much in love – I have a hot red addiction and I’m not afraid to admit it. I have a lot of red dresses and even a few red skirts; what I really want/need is a pair of red pants and the right shade of red lipstick and I’m all set!
Do you don the sexy siren look? If so, how? 
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