Wednesday Wishlist: Back-to-School

My Spring semester officially started yesterday and I can happily say I’m looking forward to the rest of the school-year. I switched my major and I definitely feel better about my decision and cannot wait to enhance my writing and communication skills that I know will help me succeed in my career path. Now that we’re on the subject of school, I always create a list of back-to-school items and this time around, I’ve actually included necessities instead of wants, which I’m trying to focus on in 2012 – no aimless spending (not that I do that all the time…really!)

  1. Classic – with an edge – Blazer: I have three blazers: one is a classic tartan plaid, the second is a faux gray tartan, and the third is a black 3/4-sleeve one. I’ve come to the realization that I don’t have a classic black blazer. I’m not one to incorporate basics into my wardrobe as much as others, which is why I chose a blazer like the one pictured above – it’s sleek, black, but it has the waterfall open-drape effect in the front which I really love!
  2. Classic Pumps: I’ve never been a shoe girl – I know, it’s probably shocking considering most fashionistas are! I love admiring them but I’ve never been one who “needs that pair of shoes!” Lately though, like the blazer, I’ve realized I have more shoes that are funky than classic. I don’t own a pair of black or nude pumps which is very odd to me now that I think about it. These are definitely styles that I need to invest in soon as they can instantly dress up just about any outfit, make you look well-put-together, and I will make great use of them!
  3. Leather Gloves: I lost my favorite pair of gloves last winter. I like the semi-quilted, ruched effect on this pair – I definitely need a twist to otherwise basic accessories! Plus, I love the camel color.
  4. Good Teasing Brush: I have many, many brushes but I’ve been wanting this one above in particular. The boar bristles ensure hair receives maximum teasing height without any damage! I love soft, bouncy volume that looks natural rather than teasing the heck out of it (high-school days, anyone?) so it looks like a stack of hay /:
  5. Totebag: I’m so sad to part ways with my favorite totebag, but sadly, it’s died on me. I always love the selection Target offers (which is where I got my former plaid one), and this one pictured above is no exception to that! The hard faux leather offers maximum protection for the many goods I’ll keep inside and it even comes with a removable laptop sleeve – perfect!
  6. Classic Leather Wallet: Yes, I have many “classic” pieces on my wishlist today, but it’s because I haven’t picked up on basics that much early on in my styling endeavors! As for wallets, I’ve gone through about two or three ever since I started carrying one, and none have served me that well. I’m looking for one that features easy access to an ID slot, is zip around, has several card slots, and long horizontal pockets for currency. This Marc by Marc Jacobs one is pretty much perfect but it’s sort of out of my price range right now – we’ll see what I come across! 
  7. Black Boots: I may not be a shoe girl, but surprisingly, I feel I have more boots than other styles of shoes. I guess I’m a boot lady? The ones I have, I have worn the heck out of them which means it’s time to snag a new pair. I’m picky about boots though as I have really tiny calves, so most tend to look bulky on me. I always look for a leather, round-toe slim-fit pair with a semi-chunky heel that isn’t too high and has some sort of unique flair on it like a bow or buckle detail. 
  8. New “IT” Pants: I’m definitely a huge fan of red being all the ‘rouge‘ nowadays, especially in unconventional ways like a new way to wear jeans or pants. I don’t wear bottoms (aside from skirts or shorts) that much anymore ever since working at Betsey Johnson, but I have so many pairs of jeans that I feel I should make more use of them. I’d like to include a red pair though – it’s such an easy way to amp up an otherwise ordinary look into a fiery-vixen one and the color screams confidence! 
What’s on your back-to-school wishlist? Are there any items on
my list that you would never include in your wardrobe or find
yourself including more often than I do? Share in the comments below!
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