Three Ways to Wear: Pleats, Please!

Yesterday I showed you a variety of pleated pieces from skirts and dresses to pants and handbags. Today, I’ve put together three different looks to get you ready to try out this classic trend for the Spring.

Pleated skirts and dresses (even pants & shorts) are great for those that want to wear the minimalist trend as they create added detail to an otherwise dull outfit. Although pleats can be tricky to wear to avoid looking like a schoolgirl (high school days for me!), there are some hot tips you can keep in mind:

  • Remember that pleats are used to create structure and bulk as well as to balance proportions. With that in mind, keep them away from any area of your body that you do not want to add volume on.
  • Pleats come in a variety of widths and lengths, so definitely don’t be afraid to experiment! The fact that they glide so nicely on the body make them a perfect piece for all shapes and sizes.
  • If you are not a fan of blatant pleats, look for dresses and shorts that have structured detailing at the waist, hip, and shoulders instead of all around the body. Designers use pleats in general to add interest and style to garments; they give a tailored appearance and allow the fabric to flow beautifully – take advantage!

For a flirty and sophisticated look, pair a full pleated dress like this off-white piece featured above. I’m in a girly mood which is why I decided to go with a pair of rose pink peep-poe pumps and a matching crossbody bag. I finished off my look with complementary jewelry that doesn’t distract from the dress.

A skirt like the one above is a tricky one to match considering its high sheen factor, but I had to try it out, anyway! The silky pleats on this skirt mean that you must pair it with a delicate top to avoid unwanted bulk. I chose a royal blue sleeveless lace top that would look perfect tucked in with a skinny gold belt tied around the waist. For an all-out dressed-up look, pair the outfit with high platform sandals in rose gold; for a more toned-down version, wear your favorite neutral flats. Finish off the look with a bold handbag and delicate jewelry.

Pleated shorts and pants can also be quite tricky, considering their already boxy frame. To avoid appearing shapeless, pair your bottom with a fitted blouse. For shorts, since I would already be baring skin, I decided to include a neutral blazer to make the look more put-together and elegant. I love the fact that I can take either of these looks from day-to-night, especially with their rich colors and classic shapes.
What is your favorite way to wear pleats? Would you wear any of 
the looks above? Share your thoughts in the comments below 
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