Three Ways to Wear: Sporty-Chic

Akris, Alexander Wang, Damarks Designkoles, Helmut Lang via fashionising

If the Spring 2012 runways are any indication, it’s definitely time for us ladies to get in shape! The sporty-chic theme dominated the New York collections, with unique fabrics like mesh and neoprene, tracksuits, utility vests and shorts, and track-ready gear. I love the look and I’m super excited as to how designers have incorporated it into street style.

Dressing sporty does not mean dressing in a boring way! There are certain ways to make your sporty outfits look super chic and sleek. Most of the time, when picturing sporty attire, we imagine baggy t-shirts and unflattering sweatpants. This time around, think about a killer pair of ponte leggings paired with a cropped, loose, striped tee or a sheath dress with a bright reflector stripe accentuating your figure. Now it doesn’t sound as bad anymore, right?!

Before I dive into three ways to sport the trend, here is a list of ten sporty-chic essentials that can instantly have you donning the trend just like style icon Victoria Beckham:

  1. Racerback Top – you know, to show off your sweet lifting skills.
  2. Boxy/Cropped Top – inspired by those you would see on Saved by the Bell, except not dull!
  3. Striped Skinny Jeans – kick start your way to the trend by revealing your shapely legs!
  4. Sheath or Loose Dress – blast from the tracksuit past, make sure your dress either includes neon or stripes!
  5. Mini Skirt – all that work with yoga and pilates will pay off in a sleek, racetrack inspired skirt.
  6. Zip-Up Jacket – inspired by the tracksuit jacket, but much sleeker and more refined.
  7. Airy Tee – fabrics that are sleek enough to be chic, yet comfortable enough to lounge around in.
  8. Neon Bags & Belts – a few accessories can go a long way, especially if you aren’t in the mood to sport it in your clothing.
  9. Sky-High Sneakers & Heels – turn those jogging shoes into bright, bad-ass kicks!
  10. Sleek Sweats – to show that working out doesn’t mean you wear frumpy, old-school sweats or shorts!

Take a look at three ways I’ve styled the sporty-chic trend below and let me know which you like best!

Share your thoughts in the comments below! 
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One response to “Three Ways to Wear: Sporty-Chic”

  1. I LOVE the sports bra fashion one. I am always thinking about how sexy my sportsbra is and how it isn't showcased in the best circumstances!


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