Styling Secrets: Summer Heat!

Hi loves! I know it has been quiiiiite a while since I have last updated my blog, but life has been pretty hectic on my end. Between Betsey Johnson filing bankruptcy, me looking for a new job, and moving out of my old condo into a new apartment (on my own!), I haven’t had much time to even see friends or get on a good sleep schedule! Today has been my first day off (sort of) in a long time, so I definitely wanted to start getting back into the groove of updating Panache.

On a few good notes, I did get a new job – I will be managing the bebe store at Tyson’s which I am very excited about! Of course, I’m not in Betseyland anymore, but I am looking forward to learning new things and growing in the fashion world. It’s only been a week with training and I can already comfortably say that I can see myself here for a while. Though, I still cannot believe Betsey stores will be completely gone in just a few weeks. Over at Tyson’s, our last day is next Saturday the 30th – such a strange feeling having our store so scarce of merchandise with giant ‘going out of business’ signs everywhere… *sigh*. As far as my new apartment, it is so strange being away from my sister considering we have lived together my entire 21 years of existence! But it is nice being able to make the place ‘my own’. Plus, I still have Snickers (my amazing kitty!) which makes it all the more better (:

Now back to business…!

I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but here in D.C. it has been ridiculously hot. Instead of opting for the typical summer outfit featuring your go-to pair of shorts and your favorite tank, discover the fresh new version of a melt-proof outfit. Make it your own, figure out what your signature style or piece of clothing/accessory is and own it! Audrey Hepburn was known for her flats; Diane Keaton for her fedoras and Jackie O for those faux pearls and round specs. This summer’s freshest outfits are luckily like blank canvases: versatile and begging for your personal style to dive into. Here are five easy styling tricks that don’t require any fashion degree or styling expertise to master.

1. Oxfords Smarts – Tone down the length and can-be stuffiness of your favorite new maxi dress by pairing it with a pair of polished oxfords. It’s the perfect day-to-evening look, too! Simply switch up your jewelry and makeup, and you have yourself a fool-proof summer look that works for multiple occasions.

2. Crafty Collars – For dresses with low necklines (plunging necklines are especially sexy this summer), turn to an architectural, beaded, or woven collar necklace. It’s a modern twist that’s much more expected than a regular statement necklace. Plus, it’s less fuss!

3. Full-fill – Instead of your go-to mini skirt, consider a full version as your new summertime silhouette. The shape instantly elevates a plain tee and makes your legs look long and lean especially when cut at mid-thigh. 

4. Pile On – Take clues from the 90s and early 00’s when you (well, I definitely did) paired multiple accessories onto one outfit. While you may think that wearing a pair of sunglasses, statement earrings, and a necklace might be overkill, it’s definitely the perfect complement to a minimalist, summertime look. So long as you keep the rest of your outfit simple, let the accessories shine!

5. Nude Poses – A pair of tall nude pumps not only adds a few inches and degrees of sophistication, but there are so many options to choose from nowadays. I especially recommend the Zahara pair from bebe – the squared off platform sole makes the pair very comfortable and easy to walk in and the wooden cork in the platform as well as the heel allows you to wear it during the day or at night!
Easy, right?! Stay tuned for more tips & tricks as I always feel something new comes up in this heat!

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