Betsey Johnson is Back – Launching New Dress Line!

Guess who’s back?! Betsey Johnson! Well, she never really disappeared but I’m sure by now the entire fashion world knows of her filing for bankruptcy, resulting in the closure of all her stores. No surprise here though that Betsey is back and ready for new adventures and pink surprises.

Betsey is officially launching a new dress line. “I’m back!!!” Betsey said in a statement. “Doing my dress thing. Pretty and punk, sweet and sexy, always rock n’ roll.” The new, more affordable collection will debut in boutiques and department stores next spring. It’s reported that the new dress line will retail between $99 and $249, and consist of “solid and printed, sexy, flowing dress” – according to the designer.

The Betsey Johnson label has been produced by New York-based business The Levy Group for the past five years (they manufactured her outerwear), which is now entering into the dress business for the first time. Betsey will still remain creative director of her label, while collaborating with the design director at The Levy Group, Suzi Chin.

“We are [pleased] to be working with Betsey on her new dress collection,” The Levy Group president, Donald Levy, told WWD. “It was a natural progression to continue into another category.”

Betsey turns 70 on Friday (I know  and is still expected to have a runway show during New York Fashion Week in September.

Who is as excited as I am!? She better still do her cartwheels on that catwalk… I’m just saying!

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