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Barbie’s Glam Makeover & Stylish Timeline

It’s only suiting that I would love a designer duo called ‘The Blonds’ seeing as I am, well, blonde. Looking into their designs makes me feel like I am meant to be one of their clients, too, with all of the glitz and glam they exude into their creations. When I think blonde, fabulous, and glamorous, I also think of Barbie. From the runway to the playroom, Barbie knows just how to keep her appearance alluring and eye-catching. Mattel tapped into The Blonds designers Phillipe and David Blond to create a new look for barbie, and this is the super-fabulous result: The Blonde Diamond Barbie.

The doll is inspired by the finale look from their “Legends” collection. Featuring a diamond-corseted mini-model complete with a satin-pink-lined faux-fur white coat and silver high heels, a design first showcased at Barbie’s Fall 2008 fashion show, then modeled by Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel at one of The Blonds’ fashion shows, this just might be the most glamorous and fabulous doll yet. “This collaboration is a childhood dream come true, Barbie played a huge role in our lives as children and still does,” The Blonds designers told Me too, guys; I’m still in love with Barbie and I can’t imagine ever giving away my dolls. “She is the culmination of everything that inspires us. We’re both avid Barbie collectors and she’s the ultimate client!” 

The doll is now available for pre-order for $125 on
Let’s take a look Barbie’s greatest looks throughout the years – she hit 53! Doesn’t she look great?!  

1959: The Original // Fashion Designer: 1960
1963: Fashion Queen // 1968: Smasheroo

1971: Malibu // 1980: African-American

1983: Dream Date // 1985: Day-to-Night 

1986: Barbie & The Rockers // 1992: Totally Hair

1992: Rappin’ Rockin // 1996: Fashion Barbie

2000: President Barbie // 2000: Jewel Girl (1st belly-button & bendable body)

2010: Computer Engineer // 2011: Architect

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Pictures & Info via InStyle & PaperMag

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