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Best Dressed Celebrity Couples

There’s always been something fascinating about stylish celebrity couples. Sure, they’re everyday people just like us (right? ok in our dreams), but it’s especially entertaining and sometimes fulfilling when an actress, musician, or artist you admire also happens to dress nice. Everyone knows that two is better than one, and a well-dressed duo makes even more of a statement than they would on their own. With all the fuss and drama in the entertainment industry, some of the most well-known and well-liked couples in Hollywood managed to not only stay together but look stylish, too. These famous lovebirds know how to look fashionable together, whether it’s during the day in a casual and cool ensemble or getting dressed for a red carpet event. From Posh and Beckham to Beyonce and Jay-Z, here are my top most stylish celebrity couples at the moment (in no particular order):

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith

Will and Jada are just about everyone’s favorite couple… just ask all of your friends and family and they won’t disagree. They’ve been together looking stylish as ever for over a decade and their fashion has only been improving throughout the years. Have you seen their kids?!

Jada always looks sleek and sophisticated and always has her best heels on, even in casual attire. Of course Will can pull off a check suit after sporting a camouflage tee while strolling the streets with his lady.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel 

I’m not sure why but I’ve never been a huge fan of Jessica Biel… but I’m beginning to realize the reason why I don’t mind her anymore is because she’s stuck to JT (celeb crush, hello!) Okay okay, her red carpet style easily stands out and her everyday look is casual-cool, matching her man. Both can definitely take more risks though with their looks; nonetheless, the two are always looking effortlessly-chic.

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale 

Gwen & Gavin are seriously in sync: their names both begin with G’s, both are lead singers of their bands – Gwen for No Doubt and Gavin for Bush – and their rock-inspired style is always flaunted whether on the streets or on the red carpet. Their edgy and relaxed look is nothing less than cool and both look equally confident no matter where they go.

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom 

Miranda Kerr is one of those models that embodies the saying “all models look great both on and off the runway”. Her everyday style showcases a good cause for dressing up (we think alike!) while her formal wear can go from body-hugging dresses to girly, tulle-adorned pieces. Her hubby is always looking super comfy & casual, balancing her feminine look.

Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys 

Both Grammy-award winners are stylish in their own way, but together they make up one of hip-hop’s best dressed. You can tell Swizz appreciates the finer things in life, namely in the form of Givenchy, while Alicia’s glam-rock is never pushed too far off the edge (um, hello to his purple, velvet blazer and her spiked-shoulder green jacket!)

David &Victoria Beckham 

Not even kidding, it took me a while to find a picture of David and Victoria Beckham sporting casual attire since they are always looking ridiculously “posh” and dressed up. The two have been sporting their impeccable fashion sense for as long as they have been together (over a decade now!) The soccer hottie is always seen in his best suits (perfectly tailored) while the former Spice Girl not only has her own successul fashion line but manages to maintain her own glamorous and polished personal style. Four kids later, Posh and Becks are still the best looking and best dressed British couple I’ve seen.

Jay-Z & Beyonce

When it comes to Jay-Z, it’s not necessarily about the trends and designer labels, but more-so how his clothes translate into his laidback lifestyle. His style exudes an effortless cool, while Beyonce is nothing less than flashy and fabulous. It works though – their style balance is right on point. B’s fashion sense is the epitome of a classy, chic, and sexy woman. She knows just how to work her body without exposing too much.

Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone 

So can I begin by claiming that Emma Stone is one of my biggest celeb girl crushes?! From her hair to her smile to her fashion sense… I just can’t handle it. Spiderman couple Emma & Andrew definitely made it to my list of best dressed celebrity couples. Both know how to take fashion risks, especially on the red carpet. That red suit! And Emma is always known for looking impeccably confident and gorgeous, on top of being super stylish.

Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie 

Last but certainly not meet, we have top celebrity duo, Brangelina. The two met while filming Mr. & Mrs. Smith together back in 2005 (I feel old as I remember that movie like it came out yesterday), while Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Now with six children (!!!), the hot couple show nothing less than class with Brad’s Tom Ford suits and Angelina always making it to the best dressed lists and most-beautiful-gorgeous-sexy-women-ever lists. Oh and just like Posh and Beckham, it was nearly impossible locating a picture of the two dressed casually since they are always out and about looking amazing doing amazing things.

Would your list be similar to mine or do you have other 
celebrity couples that are just as, if not more, fashionable
as I mentioned?

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