Denim Trends You Need NOW For Fall!

This summer (and year, really) flew by so fast, I barely had time to put together some of my favorite outfits since I always felt like I was on the go. However, I did manage to scoop up a few pairs of interesting jeans, an item in my closet I never use to experiment with until recently. There are some trends and styles that keep repeating themselves over and over, especially in the denim world, but that’s all changed lately!

Thankfully, new washes, treatments, colors, and cuts are making this year the most exciting one since… I don’t even remember when in the jean-world. We no longer have to decide between common choices of distressed, dark, light, or acid-wash. Now, the options look more towards “floral, paint-splattered, or polka-dot?” or “high-waisted kelly green or tapered metallic?” I couldn’t be happier considering I have always been more of a dress and skirt kind of girl.

Since Fall ’12 is right around the corner (isn’t that crazy? It’s still blazing hot out here), I’ve compiled four styles that I know will be flying off the shelves, which means you (and I!) need to get shopping fast… like now!

Coated     I love the waxy finish on coated denim as it’s a sleek way to get that ‘leather-wet’ look without 1. looking tacky and 2. hurting your wallet. Don’t let the texture trick you… they are definitely stretchy and comfortable!

Florals     In darker pigments, larger prints, and appearing more like wallpaper patterns (in a good way!), fall’s newest florals have grown up from their former itty bitty past. I still love the pastel-hued spring sister pairs, though!

Polka Dot     I love anything polka dot, so for the pattern to make its way to denim makes me really happy! Coming in an array of sizes and colors, the polka-dot jean will be that pick-me-up and go-to piece when you’re feeling like you have nothing to wear in your closet (because I know you feel that way sometimes!)

Side Panel     With a tuxedo-pant-like stripe down the side – some even embellished – side-panel jeans help your legs look miles long and instantly spice up any look.

Which of the above styles are you excited to try out this Fall?

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