Halloween Costumes: Good vs Bad

With Halloween right around the corner, I’m sure all of us have been eagerly thinking of and planning what to wear for the festivities. In the past few years, I’ve dressed up as a Silent Hill nurse, Alice in Wonderland, and a devil (it was last minute, okay?). I snagged a Court of the Owls mask at New York Comic-Con a few weeks ago, so I’m going to dress a la Audrey Hepburn and wear the mask this year! Easy peasy last minute idea.

I feel like Halloween costumes are becoming less original throughout the years, and we end up seeing girls dressed in more ridiculous costumes including a sexy bug (soooo hot…), a sexy pineapple (yummy…?), and even a sexy pack of gum (seriously – see the image below). Of course, I still do end up seeing a few unique, original, over-the-top costumes as well.

I’ve rounded up my favorite Halloween costumes from browsing around the web as well as my least favorite (sexy tootsie pop, anyone?). These are all pre-made/store bought – I’ll feature another post on my favorite homemade/DIY costumes as well as who I find to be the Queen of Halloween! I’d love to know what you’ll be dressing up as this year and what you’ve worn in the past. Also, discuss what you think of these costumes below!

*Note: These costumes are all from yandy.com, which I LOVE and highly recommend! They just also happen to have some of my least favorite/silliest costumes as well (: I love you Yandy!

The Good

The Bad


I can’t take the bad… I don’t understand why anyone would want
to be a ‘sexy’ lime wedge or a remote control… what does that
even mean?! And that red riding hood couple… the horror!

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