Queen of Halloween: Heidi Klum

I have yet to come across anyone who is able to don a Halloween costume like Heidi Klum. Dressed as an ape, a robot, and forbidden fruit, Heidi has easily become Hollywood’s spokesperson for the fun-filled holiday. In the past, the supermodel and Project Runway host would partner with her then-hubby Seal (sad-faces-all-around) for the most extravagant couple costumes since… I don’t even know. Since the messy divorce, Klum hasn’t stopped her Halloween costume frenzy and is clearly not afraid to go above and beyond when dressing up!

Klum recently revealed that in just a few days, she will be dressing up as the Queen of the Nile – Cleopatra, of course – in an over-the-top ensemble that will have her guests oo-ing and aw-ing. The cleavage-baring  and curve-hugging gown is accessorized with a huge headpiece and a feathered cape to complete the look.

Not everyone is on a budget like Heidi, as she specifically told her costume designer to create something “Big. Gold. Glittery.” I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next year! Heidi is truly the Queen of Halloween, which is why I dedicated this entire post to her and her incredible costumes that she’s been showing off since the Millennium – take a look below!

You can’t tell me she’s not amazing… you just can’t!

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