Even More Fall Trends to Try NOW!

A month ago, I shared 10 Wardrobe Essentials you absolutely need to have this Fall. Have you completed your shopping?! I hope so! If not, it’s OK… this time. With these breezy, cool days – totally deceiving with the beaming sun – it’s time to stock up on even more sartorially cozy, chic pieces. I’ve mentioned this routine before – layer up, stay warm, look chic. It’s all about oversized sweaters, knit leggings, and even bundling up in capes (I love capes… hello, Blair Waldorf).

Even if you haven’t racked up those 10 wardrobe essentials I’ve mentioned, there are still just as equally fashionable pieces that you could score! From a leather top and velvet skirt to wedged sneakers and lace blazers, I’ve compiled a list of edgy trends to have you consistently stylish this Fall. Trust me, they’re all worth the challenge (and pocket change)! With my expert advice on how to pull them off in style and not look like a goof, you’ll be set to have people taking a double glance at your fine self.

One of my favorite ways (aside from the obvious pink) to add a feminine touch to my look is to add touches of lace elements or full on swap an entire article of clothing for a lace alternative. Lace instantly adds a modern polish and delicate touch to your wardrobe. This time around, be daring and swap out a basic wardrobe piece such as your trusty white blouse or black blazer for a lacey replacement!
I instantly fell in love with the wedged sneakers that popped up sometime last year. While some are uncomfortbel with the idea of adding height to the otherwise super comfy flat sneaker, trust me on this one – they are equally as comfortable with an added posh factor!
Whether it’s on your ankle, arm, neck, or even your hair, you absolutely need a metal cuff in gold and silver. Swapping out your trusty jewels with this tough yet super sexy alternative will instantly add a different vibe to your outfit. I love wearing mine outside of button-ups – looks like it’s attached right on!

Another timeless element as a must-have in your wardrobe is leather. Another quick and easy way to intensify your look, leather embellishments or pieces will help to bring out that inner tough chick that’s just dyiiiing to get out. Look for tailored silhouettes and keep in mind that a little goes a long way to keep the look tasteful.
Fur – weather real or faux – always has its time when the cool weather hits us. Luxe, cozy, and seriously rich, this classic cold-weather staple looks great in endless ways – on collars, a full on coat, and of course your winter accessories including scarves, hats, and gloves.
What are you most excited about donning this Fall and upcoming winter? I definitely need to stock up on more accessories and timeless pieces, as dressing up for cool weather oftentimes becomes draining!

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