Disney Princesses: Revamped Fashion

Belle, based on 1770s French court fashion
I’ve seen so many variations of Disney princesses lately and I’ve pretty much been obsessing over each and every one. Claire Hummel, an artist for Microsoft Game Studios Publishing, was born and raised in LA. Claire is easily inspired by anything from her childhood, specifically her memories of Disneyland, Myst, museums, and Hawaii. With her grand knowledge of period costuming, Hummel brings her childhood to life with new Disney princess designs.
I’m sure we are all very familiar with the famous Disney Princesses, from Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty, and their beautiful ensembles. What makes the princesses so lavishing is their flowing, rich costumes which were based on historical fashion; not all were that accurate, however. That is why Claire Hummel decided to give the princesses new garb fitting their time period in the most stylish and precise manner. Many of the original Disney designs weren’t far off from hers, while a few seem to be complete original creations. Either way, I’m fascinated and still want to be a princess.
Mulan in ancient Han Dynasty garb
Tiana living in New Orleans during the 1920s
Rapunzel 18th century
Cinderella 1860s
Pocahontas, 17th century Powhatan costume
Jasmine, based on rare drawings of pre-Islamic garb
Sleeping Beauty, 14th century France
Snow White, 16th century Germany
Ariel, 1890s evening gown fashion

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