"Rebel Girl, You Are The Queen of My World"

Rebel Doll Banner

I can happily say I’m a 90s baby and although I was too young to actually include myself into the the scene, I still remember it all (especially thanks to being the youngest of 5!) and love incorporating the fashion into my styling today. Grunge and punk have been seen on the runways and in stores more than ever before lately. Clueless – classic 90s movie that you *should* know/love – just celebrated their 18th birthday on July 19th and Miss Selfridge‘s new line, Rebel Doll, reminds me a lot of the fashions we adored from the movie and at the time.

Step aside from the pastels and flirty petals for the remainder of the summer and into the fall to experiment with a more daring approach. Channel the queens of cool – from Gwen Stefani to Kelly Osbourne and of course the ladies of Clueless – and give your wardrobe a shift in direction with a touch of punky attitude. When it comes to fabrics, think tartan, lace and leather while flashes of red pop up against a monochrome palette. Detailing squeezes in with roughly-cut lace and leather-look panels alongside sheer silhouettes.

Here are my favorite pieces from the collection:
What do you think of this collection?
Miss Selfridge ships to the U.S. – happy shopping!

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