Chic Fall Fashion

It’s officially Fall when the air is crisp and cool, I’m craving apples & pumpkin on the daily, and I want nothing more than to layer and snuggle up. I’m sure by now we’ve all taken out our favorite tights and sweater dresses and stocked up on cool-weather accessories and cozy knits. The transitional season can be quite tricky though, which is why I’ve rounded up a few stylish looks as well as some helpful do’s and don’ts to help you ease into the cool season nicely.

DOs & DONT’s 

DO: Stock up on scarves in varying prints, colors and fabrics. A perfect scarf can take that woven sweater you wore all summer long right over to fall and instantly makes a summer dress paired with tights the greatest fall staple.

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DON’T: Go bare if you plan on being out all night. I see this way too often in cooler seasons and I don’t understand it. Fall is unpredictable: it may be 70 degrees and sunny at noon, but it can easily drop to 50 by the time you’re deciding where to go out for dinner. Keep a light coat or scarf on hand to cover up those bare arms.

DO: Balance your bareness. If the weather is above 70, toes are welcome to come out and play, but be sure to keep a balance. Showing legs and toes means you must offset their bareness with a pair of tights, pants, and/or long-sleeves tops.

DON’T: Wear sandals. Choosing the right shoe is essential to a well-balanced, stylish fall ensemble. Flip-flops and sandals are for the sun and boardwalk, and unless you plan on running around in the sand, trade in your summer sandals for a pair of chic ankle boots (invest in two – one black, one in any other color) that will carry you through the winter, too!

DO: Pick a jacket that will transition your summer dresses into early fall. Stick with earth-tones and solid hues if you want to play it safe, or play down summer neons and brighter pigments with darker options. Your trusty moto/leather jacket is always a good choice, but this fall, opt for a military-inspired jacket or blazer to get more action out of your summer frocks. Plus, you’ll be showing off your outer layer more than what you’re wearing underneath it, anyway!

This is an excellent outfit to transition into fall from summer. The leather skirt bares your legs while it’s still nice and breezy out, while you can remain cozy with a knit top, classic cloche and peep-toe booties. For added warmth, slip on a pair of tights and you’re good to go!

Another method of wearing your summer pieces in the fall season is by layering. In this outfit, I’ve paired a red skater dress with a toned-down tweed jacket in grey. Finish the look off with grey lace-up oxfords, a statement necklace and handbag, and you’ll be happy you didn’t put away your summer frocks!

For those casual days where you aren’t feeling your plain ol’ denim, opt for a coated pair instead. The piece is versatile; I’ve paired it here with a thick, cozy jumper, a lightweight printed scarf, and chunky booties to give it more of an edge.
Fall is definitely my favorite season for putting looks together. What do you look forward to wearing most during the cool season? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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