Disney Princesses in Halloween Costumes

Another day, another Disney Princess revamp that brings me joy! Many artists and designers love redesigning our beloved Disney Princesses in new fashions. A while back, I featured Claire Hummel and her recreated Disney princess designs, all based on elements in history that match the Princess herself. This time around, artist Isaiah Stephens dressed up our favorite Disney Princesses in Halloween costumes. We’ve got Ariel as Black Widow, Belle as Hermione Granger, Mulan as Xena and more.

Stephens chose costumes from pop culture characters that share similar colors, themes or personality traits as the Princesses. For instance, we see Aurora from the medieval setting of Sleeping Beauty dressed as Daenerys Targaryen, the fearless Merida as Rogue, and Rapunzel with her long locks is naturally dressed up as the perfect Sailor Moon.

Stephens’ ‘Disney Halloween Series’ is such a unique way to dress the Princesses in costumes of such iconic, strong, powerful female heroines.

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