How to Wear Creepers

Let’s face it, not all of us are too keen on certain trends that hit the runways; from sea creature details like anemone ruffles to over-sized sports-like attire that isn’t always the most flattering, we find ourselves in a love/hate relationship with something we are more than likely to spend our money on and endless hours trying to style.

Let’s talk about creepers. Creepers are nothing new to the fashion industry, but it wasn’t until the 1950s when they became popular after being shown off by the Teddy Boys. They were well-known for having a distinct look with dapper ensembles – trousers, draped jackets, bolo ties and pompadour haircuts. The shoe has since been introduced into subcultures including punk and goth, ska and nowadays, a wide variety of personal style.

Before we knew it, Prada was showcasing their own versions on the runway, they hit the markets and were instantly labeled a trend amongst fashion houses, celebrities and fashion enthusiasts all around.

I must admit that when creepers crawled back into the fashion scene, I wasn’t too excited since they can look quite clunky and unflattering if not styled properly (which, unfortunately, is what we’ve seen in the past). Soon after they hit the runways, fashion bloggers and celebrities began incorporating the shoe into their own personal style, new designs came onto the market and even I began to see how they can appear quite stylish and interesting when, again, paired in just that, a stylish manner.

The bit of height is enough to throw the most daring of shoe enthusiasts into the game. The key is to pay attention to your outfit’s silhouette and to have an all around balance.

Key Points:

  • Make sure your ankles are showing. Wear cropped pants or skirts and dresses.
  • Balance your outfit with delicate pieces – no menswear attire here!
  • Add pretty, delicate accessories. Anything bulky will just add more clunk to your look which is what we’re trying to avoid.
  • Don’t overdo the prints, especially if you choose printed creepers. Keep the rest sleek and simple.
OK, got it – now what?
Now that you have key points to keep in mind, it’s time to decide just how you’re going to style your look! Luckily, you have two options: a subtle approach or mixing things up. 
A Subtle Approach

To keep it fresh and girly, look for creepers in subtle prints and detailing – stay away from clunky buckles, hardware and wild prints. You don’t even have to go for black; opt for neutrals and pastels or a color-blocked pair. This way, you’re wearing the height and helping to make the creepy creepers appear a bit delicate if you didn’t think that was possible (it is).
Chanel’s 2013 Resort Collection showcased just that: feminine frocks in pastel hues, flouncy skirts and embellished jackets, all paired with matching creepers in pale or glittered pigments. Both had white soles to give off a lighter illusion and a more girly vibe. 
Mix Things Up

With a statement shoe, it’s also OK to be a little daring with the rest of your outfit considering you’re already feeling a bit on the wild side. When it comes to choosing bottoms, stay away from flared or bootleg jeans… unless you want to channel That 70’s Show. Instead, stick to shorts of your choosing or skinny jeans as well as flouncy skirts or delicate dresses. Don’t be afraid to accessorize; just remember to keep your pieces delicate but feel free to pile on!

You definitely don’t have to stick to the traditional style creeper, either; i.e. the typical lace-up black ones with the highest sole. There are a variety of colors, patterns and heights as well as creepers with open-toes and strappy elements.

So, are you ready to take on the creeper challenge 
(that sounds weird, I know)? Have you already? If so, What’s 
your favorite way of wearing the attention-grabbing shoe?

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