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Decluttering Your Closet

It’s officially been Spring for a few weeks now, which means a few things: tax season, spring cleaning, and figuring out what to wear in the on/off warm temps. Like filing taxes, many of us will come up with reasons to not clean out our closets. “It looks so good on me though.”, “But I only wore it once!”, “Omg, I will totally wear this to brunch next weekend.” Any of these thoughts sound familiar? Rather than living in a pile of clutter and going through endless excuses as to why you should keep an item, it’s time to organize our precious threads and ditch anything that isn’t serving us anymore.

Something that you no longer wear in your closet may be of value to someone else, so why not take the time to sort everything out and give someone else a chance at that Rodarte by Target dress you snagged as soon as it hit shelves (but never wore)?

To make things easy, I separate my items into two categories: sell and donate. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but to break it down, keep these things in mind:

  • Sell:
    • It holds a high monetary value. Check eBay or other sites that are selling something similar to see how you can price it.
    • You spent your entire paycheck on it. Get that money back! You deserve it and can use it towards that new bag you’ve been drooling over for months now.
    • It’s still trendy. If an item is still in season or you feel someone else would absolutely love it, sell it!
    • The tags are still on. Ok seriously, why are the tags still on? We’ll get to that later but if this is the case with any of your pieces, obviously sell it – it’s in perfect condition (I hope)!
  • Donate:
    • It wasn’t worth much. It’s OK to part with items that you spent less than you would lunch on. 
    • It’s not trendy anymore. If it’s out of season – and doesn’t fall under a vintage category – it’s good to donate.
    • It’s not in the best condition. While you may not like the idea of giving someone an item that’s not in perfect condition, there are several people out there that really just need clothes. Don’t feel bad!

Now you have a way in which you can declutter your closet effortlessly and get some cash and good feelings while you’re at it.

So, how do you know when it’s time to part with an item in your closet? Let’s break down our clutter into four categories. You’ll be so happy and feel great when it’s over!

The Two Week Rule

This relates to what I mentioned above about having the tags still on. If an item in your closet still has the tags on it two weeks after you bought it, it needs to go! This of course doesn’t apply to something you are planning to wear to a specific event, an upcoming trip, or snagging early for a different season (good for you, thinking ahead). Otherwise, you will not wear it and you need to give it up to someone who will! Sell it.


I probably fall into this category the most, which is odd since I don’t exactly follow trends. I find that when an item hits the shelves that’s so unique, I feel like I have to have it. But do I really? It’s time to think about how often you will wear it in the long run and if it can be worn on multiple occasions or not.

Furthermore, how many people are actually noticing how fab that multi-colored, scoop-neck, fit-and-flare, mesh-insert dress is? Probably only you. The one or two times you’ve worn it. You may be thinking “I wear what I wear for myself”; hey, me too, but it’s still important to let go of any item you’ve purchased simply due to its trendiness. Instead, still look for something fun and flattering, but make sure it can be worn in various ways throughout the years.

“But it’s SO cute / I’ll wear it someday”

I’m sure it is, but no you won’t. Another one of my guilty thoughts upon trying to clean out my closet is how cute/special an item is and telling myself I’ll wear it at one point or another. Who am I kidding, though?! If it’s been sitting in your closet for months now not being worn, it needs to go. Unless it has a huge sentimental value, it’s a one-of-a-kind item, or is a piece you can use for photoshoots/styling/etc., it absolutely needs to go. Think about all of the other amazing items you can snag once you score some big bucks from selling it!

No Pain; More Gain

It’s safe to say that I’ve never fallen under this, since comfort is key to me no matter how incredible an item may be. If something is painful to wear, get rid of it now. Why torture yourself when you can definitely find something just as stylish but way more comfortable? I know, your legs look amazing in those 5-inch platform pumps and your bod is just catching all eyes in that skin-tight leather dress; but your feet need to breathe and your body is calling for help. There are enough sexy shoes and dresses out there – both sexy and comfortable – to give you the oomph to wear them all night long!

Phew, that was a lot to take in, I know! But hopefully this method as well as my tips will make your life easier when sorting through your closet. Plus, think about all the time you’ll be saving when getting ready now!

Do you have any tips or advice of your own to declutter? I love discovering new ways to stay organized!

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