8 Steps to Identifying Your Personal Style

Personal style is something that we develop naturally overtime and (oftentimes) consistently change as fashion itself evolves. With this, the majority of us fashion enthusiasts appreciate a wide variety of styles that we love incorporating into our daily routine. But which specific style truly speaks to you? Just like your “spirit animal”, your style spirit can show and tell a lot about who you are.

I’ve come up with steps to discover a style personality look that speaks to your most stylish self. Enjoy!

Find Your Style Spirit.

My animal spirit is a cat, whether in fierce lion form or cuddly kitten form. Just like my animal spirit, my style spirit can clearly identify my character. Sometimes, it’s almost impossible to stick to one icon that defines you; most of us are a combination, adding a splash of Emma Stone, a dose of Rihanna, and a little bit of Victoria Beckham. Sure, these three style icons showcase drastically different styles, but there’s nothing wrong with mixing the diverse looks into your own wardrobe. To determine who your main inspirations are, think about who your eyes are drawn to the most upon flipping through magazines or watching red carpet events. You’ll begin to notice a pattern of repeat people who you can look to for fashion influence.

Labels are Your Friend.

I’m not talking about designer labels; focus on the outfits themselves – do they speak classic, artsy, boho-chic, or edgy? Select a handful of adjectives that feel true to your style and remember them for future reference, as they will be key in defining your overall look.

But First, Take a Selfie.

Ok, I’m not a fan of that song (at least not that much), but selfies can be a good thing (just don’t take it too far like those people you find on the news). For those days you’re feeling like your most stylish self (like I did above!), snap a quick pic to look back at if you’re ever in a style rut! These are the outfits that identify your true personal style, and can be a quick inspiration for spin-off ensembles.

Choose a Signature Piece.

It doesn’t have to be one piece that you wear everyday, but finding an item that you can incorporate into every outfit is fantastic. Audrey Hepburn had her cropped pants and ballet flats, Edie Sedwick had her statement earrings, and Jackie O. had her oversized sunglasses. Anytime you see these pieces worn, you remember these style icons. Find and stick to your signature piece(s); it can be as simple as a dainty necklace or as bold as a leopard-print handbag.

Repeats are A-OK.

I don’t mean this in the sense of wearing the same outfit twice in the same week (unless you won’t see the same people, right? Right…). Rather, there’s a reason why your closet is filled with polka-dot prints. By purchasing similar items time and time again, it’s safe to say they make you happy and feel comfortable. As long as the item is flattering and works for your style mood, I say you’re good to go with that repeat! Think of it as your SSS – style sweet spot 😉

Show it Off!

If you find that people are constantly complimenting your sexy legs or your hourglass figure, play to these strengths by wearing clothes that showcases your amazing bod, regardless of whether the piece is “trendy” or not.

Don’t Forget the Rest!

While clothing and accessories are oftentimes the most fun to pay attention to, we can’t forget our hair and makeup! True style encompasses beauty, after all. If you’re not happy with your long locks or can’t seem to grasp a cat-eye, it’s time to switch things up! Look to your style spirit for inspiration and don’t be afraid!

Be Yourself.

Just like your spirit animal and style spirit, it’s important to know who you are as a person. Trust your guts and wear what makes you feel like the best, most confident version of yourself. I’m not one to follow trends and instead, I wear what makes me happy and I feel looks best on me. If you have more of a girly style like Taylor Swift, wearing a risque ensemble will look unnatural. On the same token, if you identify with daring looks like Katy Perry, a fem-classic outfit just wouldn’t work. If you just can’t decide between two, mix them both together! There is always something that will work.

I’m still trying to find my style spirit and signature piece(s); other than that, I can confidently say that the following labels fit within my personal style: modern, edgy, and girly.

Just for fun, here are a few quizzes to further help you in defining your personal style:

Who Is Your Style Icon?
Who’s Your Celebrity Style Icon?
What Is Your Style Personality?

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