#TBT: 90s Edition With SHOP JEEN

I know you can’t hashtag anything on Blogger but it’s so become so natural for me to include hashtags on most Social Media sites nowadays! Sigh… I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing but seeing as how I’m a Social Media Expert, I’m going to go ahead and call it a good thing and hope that Blogger integrates it into their system somehow.

Anyhow, seeing as it’s Thursday, let’s throw it back to the 90’s since, well, it’s one of my favorite decades that I also just so happened to grow up in. Right on!

A few months ago, I discovered online shop SHOP JEEN and instantly fell in love. The site is filled with quirky and bizarre (and let’s be honest, slightly offensive) apparel, accessories, and odds-and-ends. As the founder and owner Erin states “Shop Jeen is the internet”; and with that, the internet is obsessed with all things 90’s these days (oh AS IF! you kids that weren’t even born in the 90s… just kidding!). So naturally, the site carries tons of 90’s-inspired pieces. Here are my selects from SHOP JEEN’s totally rad shop.

So. Totally. Rad.
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