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Pretty Treasures

I’m obsessed with anything and everything “cutesy” and Japanese inspired, especially in the following forms: cat, miniature, super girly, and patterned (polka-dots and stripes are my favorites). So naturally, I freaked out upon discovering the Japanese store Daiso here in San Francisco (also all over California). While browsing around, I had to refrain from literally buying everything, considering almost 100% of the merchandise is only $1.50(!!!). Since I walked in with a list, I decided to stick to it (ok so I strayed away from it a little but you’ll see why!). My happy haul is below!

Because we can never have too many hair pins (I discovered a huge stash when I got home after purchasing these. Oops?)

I’m a sucker for cute, girly socks, especially with ruffles and polka-dots!

I’d like to channel my inner Blair Waldorf with these tights – what do you think?

I’ve been needing a shower cap for those body-wash-only days, and this one is ruffled, pink, and has bows. I’m sold.

I found these beautiful trays (medium and large sized) in the kitchenware section and decided to use them to hold my hair accessories! They look so delicate and have little weight to them which I love. 

Like I said, all things kitty. I also have a huge – probably abnormal – collection of mugs so this was just the best thing for me to snag!

I also felt the need to share these photos of the spectacular view from my new place. Simply beautiful. Snickers had a mini photoshoot, too, just because (there were dozens of pictures, it was hard to choose!)

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