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monday mood: cozy, cuddly, comfy

I left the Midwest 5 years ago and escaped to DC, to find myself not missing the freezing temperatures whatsoever; and a few months ago, I did it again and ventured to San Francisco. Let’s just say I never want to leave (for endless reasons!). Perhaps we can’t love everything about the Fall season, including the sudden cool temps, gloomy days, and the foggy mornings (especially living way up high in SF) that make it hard to get out of our fur and fleece blankets. These aside however, Fall remains my favorite season due to its beautiful changes of scenery, delicious flavors and aromas that make me cook more often, and above all, it offers more inspiration and appreciation for all things cozy, cuddle, and comfy.

Today’s mood is all about just that – autumn knits – whether cropped, oversized, chunky, or fitted, I love snuggling up in various knitwear from sweaters and dresses to scarves and socks.

all images via Pinterest
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What is your favorite piece to cozy up in during the Fall?

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