feminine style crushes

I feel like one can never go wrong when showcasing a feminine look. The look is flattering, eye-catching, and suitable for almost any occasion, and can channel both a modest and flirty vibe. From pretty pastels and girly florals to romantic frocks and perfectly structured silhouettes, when in doubt about what to wear for the day, I find myself reaching for a sweet and flirtatious ensemble. I also love that you can sport this throughout the year, no matter the season; the options are endless.

Below are my top 3 favorite celebrities that are often seen in the most darling girlish looks. Let’s get inspired!

Taylor Swift

Emma Stone

Elle Fanning
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2 responses to “feminine style crushes”

  1. Elle is my fav' looks!!! SOOOOO GLAM! SOOOO beautiful!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls



  2. cute outfits!

    xo T.


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