Birthday Lust-List!

I’m giving you a double feature today, with this morning’s post bringing some celebratory inspiration through the sweetest fashion editorials.

I’m 24 today! Although it may just be “another year” for many, I have made some huge changes in the past year, with the biggest one being my recent move to San Francisco. I’m excited to see what the next year has in store for me, with my career, Panache Offblast, and any new adventures along the way. I’ll keep it short and sweet today with an oh-so-lust-worthy wishlist!

Nasty Gal has launched two vintage designer collections so far, Moschino and Chanel, and of course I’m in love with both!


I’m not sure what I’m up to for the rest of my birthday today (aside from dinner and dessert of course), but I’m excited nonetheless! I think I’ll always love celebrating birthdays – both mine and others – no matter the age. We can all be selfish for a day, right?!
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One response to “Birthday Lust-List!”

  1. Happy belated, beauty! Love these collections as well – so so good!


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