Birthday & Holiday Gifts

My birthday was last month, but with it being so close to the holiday season, I figured I would share what I received from both occasions! I’m lucky to have such great people in my life who know me so well, and I was super excited to receive these gifts!

How cute is this (literal) writer’s “block”?! Such a clever idea.
Because I have to have my cat with me somehow when I travel!
My roommate made this! The buttons just so happen to be my favorite color, too!
I’ve only tried a few and I’m already obsessed. I’m thinking of dedicating a post showcasing them all?


A beautiful Barbie ornament.
Coco Rocha is my favorite model so I was naturally super excited about this book!


Because nowadays, it’s crucial.


For future adventures, my favorite character will come along with me!


Perfume box purse. Obsessed.
The coziest earmuffs in the prettiest color!
More superhero gear to add to my collection!
I really can’t have too many (cute) notebooks. My desk is filled!


I’ve recently fallen in love with Tarte. This Parisian set is lovely! Also would like to show them off in a post.
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