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LET’S DO THIS: The Birchbox 31-Day Challenge!

It’s officially 2015, can you believe it? I feel like this past year has flown by, but I’m very excited to start fresh, take on new challenges, and create more memories. What better way than to wake up to an email from Birchbox with a 31-Day challenge? If you’re not familiar, Birchbox is a beauty subscription box that brings you amazing beauty and wellness samples on a monthly basis. I’m been a member for I believe a year now and I’ve been very pleased! To kick the year off right, Birchbox has teamed up with a panel of fitness, nutrition, beauty, and wellness experts to create 31 ways to make 2015 the best. year. ever! I’m not able to take on today’s challenge (just because I don’t have the means to make what they asked!), but I’ll definitely be doing my best to stick to the rest. I’ve briefly outlined them below, but you can also find them in detail here. Plus, each day brings a new prize; today’s is a stylish workout outfit from Under Armour!

  1. Eat dessert for breakfast
  2. Get sleek arms anywhere
  3. Set email boundaries
  4. Make lunch your biggest meal
  5. Become a morning warrior
  6. Turn your sandwich into a salad
  7. Try a wine-infused face mask
  8. Outsmart your appetite for sugar
  9. Get sculpted in 6 minutes
  10. Meditate for 1 minute
  11. Turn your smoothie into a soup
  12. Tighten your abs without crunches
  13. Caffeinate your cellulite away
  14. Rev your metabolism at every meal
  15. Move 5 minutes every hour
  16. Get 30 minutes more sleep
  17. Cure the 3 PM energy slump
  18. Yoga your way to better sleep
  19. Make a meatless main
  20. Chill out in 5 breaths
  21. Sneak protein into your pancakes
  22. Build a healthier workplace
  23. Eat a plant-based breakfast
  24. Tone your thighs 3 ways
  25. Trade your TV show for an escapist book
  26. Add a new superfood to your list
  27. Om to fight cravings
  28. Tone your lower half in 12 minutes
  29. Make your own salad dressing
  30. Embrace solo-tasking
  31. Put tofu in your pie

What sounds most appealing to you? Even if you aren’t able to stick to these, what challenges will you be taking on for the new year?

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