Parisian Space Odyssey

Happy Sunday! Sunday is my favorite day to not only lounge around when I’m lazy or stroll the city when I’m feeling it, but to also catch up on the week’s editorials, campaigns, look books, and general news in fashion. Throughout the week is when I scope out all of the major happenings, but it isn’t until the end of the week when I dig deep to find some inspiration of all kinds (that you can find more of on my Pinterest!)

Today, I discovered the Parisian fashion house of Jitrois. For their Spring/Summer 2015 collection, the label has referenced to the past to build a brighter future, from cocoon-like and fitted silhouettes in bright whites, rich blacks, and deep reds. Embroidered, cut-away, leather roses along with mixed fabric florals are seen throughout the line as well. As technology continues to introduce itself to the fashion world, Jitrois drew inspiration by creating perfect digitally laser cut pieces. All in all, a truly out-of-this-world collection with impeccably tailored and beautiful pieces.

Take a look at my favorite pieces!

all photos via Design Scene

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