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Christian Dior’s Swingin’ Sixties

This Spring, a feature film length documentary, Dior and I, will release in cinemas. From the same production team who brought us The Last Emperor, the fantastic observation of Valentino, Dior and I showcases newcomer Raf Simon’s first six weeks at famed fashion house Christian Dior. In those six weeks, Simons was faced with the biggest challenge of arriving at one of the two largest and most talked about fashion houses in France (the other being Chanel) and immediately producing his first ever couture collection. Two years ago, that show modernized the Dior image, while yesterday’s spring/summer 2015 couture show clearly demonstrated how far Simons and the Dior team have grown together.

I have always been a huge fan of the sixties in terms of fashion, and while the era has been reworked by numerous designers, Dior’s take was super luxurious. From psychedelic catsuits in bold prints along with floral and crystal smothered brocades, Simons made the loud graphics of the sixties appear light and playful. Translucent PVC coats were cut wide along with tea-length dresses – a nod to the silhouettes of the fifties, a period closely associated with Dior as the legend himself passed away before getting a chance to visit the swinging sixties. Still sticking true to the feminine details of the sixties, we see neat, princess collars, slim-line coats, and jeweled, patent trims. I’m especially struck by the pastels being mixed with bursts of kelly green or tomato red. Almost everything in the collection was worn with striking patent thigh high fitted boots in tangerine, white, red, cobalt, or black. I love Dior’s unique take and revamp of the sixties!

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