My Favorite Statement Necklaces

I am feeling so, so under the weather today, it’s driving me nuts! I’m not sure how I’m able to get this sick so often, especially within a few month span. Sigh. I desperately needed a pick me up other than coffee and tea, so I decided to go through my jewelry (which always makes me happy) and pick out my favorite statement necklaces to share. Some girls have endless shoes and others happily consider themselves bag ladies. Me? I have a serious obsession with jewelry. Ever since I was super young, jewelry of all kinds have been my favorite accessory to collect (or take from my mom… she has the best jewels!). I’m thinking of sharing my entire collection someday, but it would be a pretty hefty post considering I have nearly thousands to sort through. For today, I’ve selected five statement necklaces that are serious showstoppers. I love the fact that I can wear a very minimalist outfit and throw on one of these pieces to complete the look! Are you a statement necklace kind of girl or do you accessorize big in other ways?


Betsey Johnson



kate spade
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One response to “My Favorite Statement Necklaces”

  1. i like the first one! amazing necklace! 😉
    Come to check it out my new post:
    Kiss from Rome.


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