kitten treasures & Betsey babes

I’m a lover of all things kitty: kitties themselves, kitty jewelry, kitty tights, kitty everything. I couldn’t wait for these super cute headbands to arrive in the mail along with what I thought was going to be a small kitten coin purse, that turned out to be huge (no complaints, though!). I love the fact that the purse looks like my cat, Snickers, too.

I wore the lace headband last weekend when seeing Betsey Johnson at the Macy’s flagship in Union Square. The line was massive and filled with Betsey lovers of all ages. By the time I got there only 30 minutes into the event, the line was cut off. I stuck around until the end anyways and Betsey being the sweetheart that she is, waited until the last minute of the event to call me over as she recognized me (somehow, since it’s been so long since I’ve last seen her so that definitely came as a [lovely] surprise). We talked Betsey days and she asked me to send love to my fellow Betsey babes (Jane & Ashley, I’m lookin’ at you specifically!). That whole day just made me miss those times so much more, but also made me treasure being a Betsey babe even more than I already do. I’m so excited for her 50th anniversary this year. It’s such a huge milestone and I’m happy to have been a part of the colorful journey.

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