A Posh {Spice} Life

Spice Girl-turned-acclaimed fashion designer Victoria Beckham is celebrating her 41st birthday today (yes, 41, and no, I can’t believe it either), and no matter the occasion, the former Posh Spice always looks nothing short of, well, posh. Whether on the street, at a red carpet event, or at the airport, Beckham is always dressed exceptionally well, oftentimes sporting her own designs.

The fashion icon, among other notable titles, previously told InStyle that when it comes to developing your own personal style, “at the beginning, you should try everything. Good, bad, awful, [and] as you get older, you start getting a good idea of what suits you. Trust your gut, not a stylist or a rule maker.” An excellent piece of advice to live by! Let’s look back at some of her most stylish looks from the past ten years.

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One response to “A Posh {Spice} Life”

  1. I love her style. Never a sloppy day!


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