Fashion Meets Tech: Color-Changing Handbags

By now, we’ve seen, heard of, and tried a wide variety of wearable technology. When it comes down to it, accessories like to be loud, and developers and designers have been creating just that. However, there’s a difference between what your everyday smartwatch offers versus what a, for instance, handbag offers, the former being a convenience gadget while the latter serving unique roles in both form and function. Purses and handbags alike are products of self-expression as much as they are storage for your belongings. As technology begins to spread onto the many key staples of our everyday lives, who’s to say it won’t also invade the rest of our fashion accessories?

It’s always interesting to think of what the next piece of wearable tech accessories will look like and do. Today, I stumbled upon a new line of handbags from a company called VanDerWaals. The bag’s main focus is its ability to change color on a whim.

Each bag is equipped with patented technology that takes an everyday, super stylish, leather bag and turns it into something off of a futuristic runway. The design is app-enabled, so if you decide to switch outfits last minute, say, from pink to blue, all it takes to create a matching purse is the swipe of a finger on your smartphone. It doesn’t stop there, though. Ever find yourself down to 10% battery life and you still have the remainder of your day to go? That’s where this bag comes in handy, as it has a phone charger inside that connects your phone with a long-lasting battery within the lining. Form meets function at its finest!

Carolina Tote in ‘Crocodile‘ // Available for pre-order now

It’s very exciting to imagine how technology can craft an entirely new image for fashion and self-expression. It’s only a matter of time before every bag out there will be equipped with phone-charging technology, personal customization like color, and other innovative additions where form meets function.

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