NYFW | 5 Must-Knows

New York Fashion Week is officially on the radar today, running through Thursday, February 18th. The Fall 2016 season has already caused quite a stir, from Kanye West’s upcoming show-turned-concert, to immediate shoppable collections straight from the runway (yes, please). Here are the must-knows so you won’t feel left out, especially if you’re on the opposite side of the country like I am!

Kanye West | Yeezy


I have not even the slightest interest in Kanye West or anything that he showcases, whether music or fashion, but you know everyone and their mothers will be talking about him in one way or another, so let’s be ‘in-the-know,’ yeah? Kanye’s multi-hour Madison Square Garden extravaganza will display the much-anticipated album, Waves; a booked-solid celebrity front row; a performance by Vanessa Beecroft; street-cast models, and, of course, the newest show to covet from his collection, Yeezy. Commence the freak out by everyone starting tomorrow.

Buy, Buy, Buy

One of the most talked-about happenings during this year’s fashion week are collections that you can buy right away. Some designers have already taken the dive into direct-to-consumer fashion shows, with Rebecca Minkoff staging a Spring collection on Saturday the 13th that’s entirely buy-it-now. Several other brands are also in the talks to display items for sale post-show.

A 90s Comeback

Well-loved 90s designers Mayle and Xuly Bet are returning to NYFW this year for the Fall 2016 shows, while an industry favorite Ralph Rucci is staging a comeback with a new line called rr331. The 90s era is one that I never tire of. As you read this, I am most likely still wearing my black choker cut up from an old pair of tights.

Rihanna’s Runway Debut

While Rihanna has typically made a grand appearance at the front of several runway shows, this time around, she will also be front-and-center on the catwalk, with her first collection for Puma debuting. Let’s not kid ourselves… we all wanna be as fly and effortlessly cool as Ri-Ri.

Designers to Watch

It’s always exciting to see which up-and-coming designers to keep an eye out for during fashion week. This year, I’m looking forward to a few newcomers: Max Gengos, who is debuting a ‘Responsible Luxury‘ collection filled with architectural silhouettes and artisanal fabrics; SelfPortrait, the ultra-feminine label that’s already been worn by celebs all over the red carpet; Pyer Moss, who typically showcases a super dope men’s collection, is debuting, what I’m presuming to be, an equally as dope women’s collection; Brandon Maxwell. Lady Gaga’s stylist. ‘Nuff said.

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