NYFW | Season of Bowie


It’s near impossible to measure the influence David Bowie had on not only the music industry, but fashion, art, and nearly everything in between. During his lifetime, the legend’s style inspired fashion enthusiasts to show off their eclectic style in the form of teal eyeliner, orange hair, and wide-leg trousers. Regardless of our own personal styles, we’ve all had a Bowie moment at one point or another, am I right?!

Jean Paul Gaultier
Maison Margiela

In the fashion world, homages to Bowie have been showcased all over the runways from Miu Miu‘s Ziggy Stardust suiting to Balmain‘s glittery jumpsuits. Since the musician’s passing last month, designers and artists alike have amped up the urge to honor the Starman’s legacy. Starting at the Fall 2016 men’s shows in London, designers, including Burberry, referenced Bowie during their shows. Bowie-mania continued in Milan with Gucci, followed by the women’s couture season with both Maison Margiela and Jean Paul Gaultier displaying Bowie-esque beauty looks into their collections. With NYFW now on the horizon, I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more spectacular Bowie inspirations.

There’s nothing more inspiring than the “need to be something more than human,” as Bowie stated; and that’s exactly what he set out to do through manipulating his style to reflect his musical zigs and zags. Here’s to you, Ziggy.

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