imagination has no age


If you asked me up until, oh, last year what I thought about sweatpants or any sort of look that’s more on the super casual side, I would, without hesitation, let you know that I’ve never owned a pair of sweats in my life nor do I ever plan to! Boy has that changed. I recently went on a jogger spree from boohoo and it was quite possibly one of the best fashion decisions I’ve ever made. Where have these comfy pieces been all my life?!

The thing about my wardrobe is that it has so many statement pieces and not enough basics that I can wear with versatility. Just like in my previous post, where I mentioned my lack of simple jewelry, I have been in dire need of comfy-casual pieces that I can both dress up or down, including joggers, hoodies, tees, and the like. Boohoo was running an amazing promotion a little over a month ago, and I took advantage by stocking up on joggers, including this light gray quilted pair that I’ve been wearing the heck out of lately (oops?).

I like adding feminine, fun details to otherwise toned-down casual looks; and so I paired the joggers with a lace crop-top, light denim jacket, heart-shaped sunglasses, and embellished sneakers. Walking around in this Mickey Mouse jacket definitely attracted the attention of many kiddies, which was pretty adorable ^.^ Mickey & I also share a birthday so he has an extra special place in my heart!







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Like I mentioned last week, I’ll be doing a weekly series of songs I’m feeling lately. Enjoy Round 2!

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