spontaneous little adventures


Sometimes you just need a little spontaneous adventure around a new part of town after making an Ikea run. I’m sure you agree, Ikea runs are dangerous… so dangerous. I didn’t end up buying a million and one unnecessary-but-totally-necessary items though so I’m proud of myself for that! :p

Linds always seems to capture my dorkiest moments (below), and this is just one of the many reasons we’re such close friends! Wearing these faux ‘tattoo/thigh-high’ tights definitely attracts a lot of attention, from both kids and adults alike, with some asking if the garter is ‘real’ or not (that would be a pretty silly tattoo).

I never really venture to Oakland because I don’t know the area very well, but luckily, Lindsey knew of some great little shops to browse through, and I definitely want to go back to see even more! While sifting through the alleys, we had been dreaming and talking about dessert (like usual) – specifically this build-your-own-gourmet-cinnamon-roll place in Berkeley; so we decided to make that our last stop before heading back into the city… and boy was it delicious! A warm, soft cinnamon roll topped with old-fashioned vanilla frosting, a heaping amount of cookie dough, and bits of coconut was exactly what we needed and made us go into a sugar-induced-coma that was 100% worth it.


I clearly missed a post yesterday where I would normally include my #FridayFeeling playlist, but here it is today! I’ll be spending the rest of my Saturday enjoying this gorgeous sun in SF 🙂

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