fringe times two


Sometimes all you need is a little fringe to put a whole lot of fun into your day ♡

I get way too bored with my hair, and have easily gone through a wide variety of styles, cuts, and colors ever since I first started playing with my locks at 13. This time around, I was growing tired of waiting for my hair to, well, grow, ever since chopping it short this past October. So I took the plunge, went back to the good ol’ days, and got a fringe! It’s proven to be such a versatile and fun look. Jess at The Cutlery really knows how to work a pair of shears, and the best part is that I didn’t have to spend time trying explaining myself (like I typically have to do at every salon), as she pretty much knew exactly what I wanted!

Onto another kind of fringe featuring this super comfy top from Forever21. I’m typically not a huge fan of fringe, but I like that this top is lightweight, has short tassels, and happens to be in one of my favorite colors to wear!

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