blue jeans, striped shirt


Just another beautiful day in Minneapolis to explore a new park! ➳

Everything here is endless. Endless lakes, endless parks, endless breathtaking nature around you. After one of the most delicious waffles we’ve ever had at Black: Coffee and Waffle Bar (so, endless delicious food, too), we had a full day to adventure off to somewhere we haven’t been before, and decided to explore Lebanon Hills Regional Park. The park is beautiful and very peaceful… as well as quite the maze, as we got a bit lost all the while trying to find this one bridge in the middle of the woods, and failed — whoops. It was such a perfect way to kick off the long holiday weekend! Hope you all had a fun and safe 4th ✩

Photos by Tanner
DSC01062DSC00986 DSC01093 DSC01097 DSC01145 DSC01171DSC01164 DSC01181


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