black + white + red all over


What’s black and white and red all over? It’s that red lip, classic thing I have going on here… ♡

Can you believe it’s basically August? I know, I can’t either, and despite enjoying the long summer days, I am so over this crazy heat and need that cool autumn air in my life stat! I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the sunshine, outdoor grilling, and seasonal festivities, but I’m really eager to start wearing my tights and booties again, which is why this look has me feeling a little bit of fall mixed with summer.

One of my absolute favorite looks to put together are flared skirts, fitted tops, and tights. There’s just something super sleek and smart about them, especially when you have a pair of badass cat-eye sunglasses to complete the look, and make you feel like you’re on a straight mission to conquer the universe (well, I kind of felt like that at least…)

Let’s talk about my purse for a sec. One of my best friends gifted me this perfumed-shaped bag a couple of years ago, after seeing my eyes all over it while shopping together in Downtown L.A. I’m obsessed! I can now wear my perfume two ways!

Photos by Seamless Sea

DSC04469 DSC04477 DSC04481 DSC04482 DSC04492 DSC04504

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