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Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer | Review


When it comes to makeup, nothing is worse than putting on a gorgeous full-face, to only have it melt off throughout the day. UGH. Keep reading to find out just how to avoid this, with my new favorite primer.


I have sensitive skin that’s acne-prone if I’m not careful with the ingredients that touch my skin. Along with that, I was blessed with combination skin that’s more on the oily side, so I’m prone to my makeup melting off throughout the day if I don’t start off with a good primer. Some people don’t use primers, while others swear by it. I definitely fall in the latter group, as every time I’ve used one, I notice a huge difference in my makeup application. Everything from my foundation to my blush definitely applies much easier, with my redness being concealed, pores appearing smaller, and my skin having a youthful, luminous glow to it. I recently received this complimentary Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer from Influenster and couldn’t wait to try it.


The Mineral Veil Primer comes in a beautiful frosted white bottle that’s a bit see-through, allowing you to see how much product you have left which is always a plus for me. I wish the dispenser was a pump instead of a long stick-like applicator, but it’s not the worst thing. The product itself is white and quite thin, spreading across the skin easily.


When applied, the primer instantly blends into the skin, leaving a bright finish and airy, velvety feel, creating the perfect canvas for makeup application. I’ve honestly never used a primer that feels this smooth and makes my skin look brighter almost immediately. Even though the product is on the thinner side, I love that I only need the smallest amount to cover my entire face. When applying foundation/BB cream/etc on top of this primer, I definitely notice a difference in the way my skin looks: it covers better, my pores are less visible or not visible at all, my skin is more radiant, and everything simply applies more seamlessly. The primer also extended the wear of my foundation which is great for those with oily skin like myself.


I was definitely pleasantly surprised by how wonderful this primer works for my skin, especially as it can be quite sensitive at times. Doesn’t my skin look SO luminescent?! This is a rare thing for me even with oily skin, as I can get dry patches around my nose and chin. All I have on is the primer, a CC cream for redness, a light coverage BB cream, highlight because duh, and a setting powder. I love how natural this look is and the fact that it feels like I barely have anything on my face. My new everyday look, for sure.


If you have acne-prone/sensitive skin, I’m not sure that this primer would be the best fit, as it does contain sunscreens (zinc oxide and titanium oxide). Other than that, I highly recommend the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer – take a deeper look at it here if you’d like to snag it for yourself! I’ll definitely be keeping it in my collection and will make it my go-to primer, at least until I come across a better one.


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