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i grid you not

Last Sunday (and every first Sunday of the month), the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco offers free admission. Moving here from Washington, D.C. where all of the museums are free and missing that culture hop, I instantly jumped on the opportunity before having to wait until next month. The museum is filled with so much beautiful history and art from China, Japan, Korea, and Thailand, to name a few. Brian and I spent about an hour there before hopping on over for a quick bite at Jin Mi Korean Cuisine (which was delish!) followed by a pick-me-up at Phil’z Coffee. I had heard a lot about this California coffee chain, finally had the chance to try it and can I just say… with the utmost honesty… that they have the best coffee I’ve ever tasted in my life (and I’ve had a lot of coffee). I’m definitely hooked and super excited to try their various, diverse roasts. We then made our way to the unique tree scenery over at Civic Center Plaza, which is so beautiful and quite spooky not being surrounding by greens at this time of year, so of course, we thought this is the perfect photo-op.I simply love that there is something new and exciting to explore in this city pretty much every single day! Definitely getting use to the Bay life (;

Get the look!
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My Favorite Statement Necklaces

I am feeling so, so under the weather today, it’s driving me nuts! I’m not sure how I’m able to get this sick so often, especially within a few month span. Sigh. I desperately needed a pick me up other than coffee and tea, so I decided to go through my jewelry (which always makes me happy) and pick out my favorite statement necklaces to share. Some girls have endless shoes and others happily consider themselves bag ladies. Me? I have a serious obsession with jewelry. Ever since I was super young, jewelry of all kinds have been my favorite accessory to collect (or take from my mom… she has the best jewels!). I’m thinking of sharing my entire collection someday, but it would be a pretty hefty post considering I have nearly thousands to sort through. For today, I’ve selected five statement necklaces that are serious showstoppers. I love the fact that I can wear a very minimalist outfit and throw on one of these pieces to complete the look! Are you a statement necklace kind of girl or do you accessorize big in other ways?


Betsey Johnson



kate spade
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Birthday & Holiday Gifts

My birthday was last month, but with it being so close to the holiday season, I figured I would share what I received from both occasions! I’m lucky to have such great people in my life who know me so well, and I was super excited to receive these gifts!

How cute is this (literal) writer’s “block”?! Such a clever idea.
Because I have to have my cat with me somehow when I travel!
My roommate made this! The buttons just so happen to be my favorite color, too!
I’ve only tried a few and I’m already obsessed. I’m thinking of dedicating a post showcasing them all?


A beautiful Barbie ornament.
Coco Rocha is my favorite model so I was naturally super excited about this book!


Because nowadays, it’s crucial.


For future adventures, my favorite character will come along with me!


Perfume box purse. Obsessed.
The coziest earmuffs in the prettiest color!
More superhero gear to add to my collection!
I really can’t have too many (cute) notebooks. My desk is filled!


I’ve recently fallen in love with Tarte. This Parisian set is lovely! Also would like to show them off in a post.
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Pretty Treasures

I’m obsessed with anything and everything “cutesy” and Japanese inspired, especially in the following forms: cat, miniature, super girly, and patterned (polka-dots and stripes are my favorites). So naturally, I freaked out upon discovering the Japanese store Daiso here in San Francisco (also all over California). While browsing around, I had to refrain from literally buying everything, considering almost 100% of the merchandise is only $1.50(!!!). Since I walked in with a list, I decided to stick to it (ok so I strayed away from it a little but you’ll see why!). My happy haul is below!

Because we can never have too many hair pins (I discovered a huge stash when I got home after purchasing these. Oops?)

I’m a sucker for cute, girly socks, especially with ruffles and polka-dots!

I’d like to channel my inner Blair Waldorf with these tights – what do you think?

I’ve been needing a shower cap for those body-wash-only days, and this one is ruffled, pink, and has bows. I’m sold.

I found these beautiful trays (medium and large sized) in the kitchenware section and decided to use them to hold my hair accessories! They look so delicate and have little weight to them which I love. 

Like I said, all things kitty. I also have a huge – probably abnormal – collection of mugs so this was just the best thing for me to snag!

I also felt the need to share these photos of the spectacular view from my new place. Simply beautiful. Snickers had a mini photoshoot, too, just because (there were dozens of pictures, it was hard to choose!)

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"Down on the West Coast I Get This Feeling…

Like it could all happen”… and it has! Happy Fashion Week and moving week to me!

That’s right, I made my big, dream move to San Francisco last week and it’s been nothing short of wonderful and magical so far. In the short amount of time that I’ve been here, I’ve enjoyed every single second, from my new house and roommates to the cute little town I’ve slowly been making home. Everything has a unique charm to it here and there is something new to do and see just about every minute of the day. I can’t wait to meet other fashion bloggers and enthusiasts and really “blast-off” Panache Offblast into what I’ve always dreamed it would become!

This is just a little update post for now on what I’ve been up to, in addition to really wanting to show off my new Michael Kors track pants.

Hat: Diesel
Sweater: Betsey Johnson
Track Pants: Michael Kors
Flats: American Eagle

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