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LET’S DO THIS: The Birchbox 31-Day Challenge!

It’s officially 2015, can you believe it? I feel like this past year has flown by, but I’m very excited to start fresh, take on new challenges, and create more memories. What better way than to wake up to an email from Birchbox with a 31-Day challenge? If you’re not familiar, Birchbox is a beauty subscription box that brings you amazing beauty and wellness samples on a monthly basis. I’m been a member for I believe a year now and I’ve been very pleased! To kick the year off right, Birchbox has teamed up with a panel of fitness, nutrition, beauty, and wellness experts to create 31 ways to make 2015 the best. year. ever! I’m not able to take on today’s challenge (just because I don’t have the means to make what they asked!), but I’ll definitely be doing my best to stick to the rest. I’ve briefly outlined them below, but you can also find them in detail here. Plus, each day brings a new prize; today’s is a stylish workout outfit from Under Armour!

  1. Eat dessert for breakfast
  2. Get sleek arms anywhere
  3. Set email boundaries
  4. Make lunch your biggest meal
  5. Become a morning warrior
  6. Turn your sandwich into a salad
  7. Try a wine-infused face mask
  8. Outsmart your appetite for sugar
  9. Get sculpted in 6 minutes
  10. Meditate for 1 minute
  11. Turn your smoothie into a soup
  12. Tighten your abs without crunches
  13. Caffeinate your cellulite away
  14. Rev your metabolism at every meal
  15. Move 5 minutes every hour
  16. Get 30 minutes more sleep
  17. Cure the 3 PM energy slump
  18. Yoga your way to better sleep
  19. Make a meatless main
  20. Chill out in 5 breaths
  21. Sneak protein into your pancakes
  22. Build a healthier workplace
  23. Eat a plant-based breakfast
  24. Tone your thighs 3 ways
  25. Trade your TV show for an escapist book
  26. Add a new superfood to your list
  27. Om to fight cravings
  28. Tone your lower half in 12 minutes
  29. Make your own salad dressing
  30. Embrace solo-tasking
  31. Put tofu in your pie

What sounds most appealing to you? Even if you aren’t able to stick to these, what challenges will you be taking on for the new year?

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A Year of Selfies {2014}

What better way to reflect on the past year than to look at a year’s worth of selfies? Anyone else surprised at how much they’ve changed in just a year?! I can’t believe how often I colored my hair, from a milk chocolate brown to platinum blonde to plum wine and back to blonde – it was quite the colorful year! My hair goal for 2015 and beyond is to not touch it. It’s been so difficult seeing my roots grow and grow but I know it’s going to be so worth it to have my natural, soft, healthy locks back. It’s been way too long. This also means more experimenting with makeup and skincare, something I’ve definitely been neglecting lately!

Cheers to a beautiful, healthy 2015!

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Reflections | Resolutions

Instead of reflecting on the past year, I’ve decided to make a list of resolutions that I will do my best to stick to not only throughout 2015, but in general with my life. The reason I choose to not look back too much on 2014 is because I know it was quite the stressful year for me that if I think deeply about, I’ll only become more stressed. I know there are always highs and lows of every year, but the biggest high for me was making my big move to San Francisco! I’m so excited to see what this new, incredible city has in store for me and I can’t wait to start making more connections, finding my better self, going on more adventures, and ultimately, continuously growing and being happy in the process. 
Let’s focus on the positive and keep moving forward. 

What I look forward to in 2015…
Redesigning my blog. This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time now but haven’t had the chance or tools to do so. I’m eager to bring a new light to Panache Offblast and my readers!
Eating healthier. In general, I feel that I take pretty good care of myself when it comes to what I eat, but I’d like to include more greens / fruits and perhaps not eat so much chocolate everyday!

Exercising more. On that note, I need to get back into a serious exercise routine. Throughout 2014, I started a few 30-day challenges and I felt great, but something would come up, and I’d go months without doing anything, so it’s like that 30-day just vanished! It’s time to find something to stick to throughout the entire year and beyond.

Blogging more. This is one element of the past year that I am super ashamed of not doing more of since, well, it’s a passion of mine that I have been hoping to make a part of my daily structure. I’m definitely getting a planner soon that I can create a blogging calendar into to help me stay more organized and on top of things!

Collaborating more. This is where fellow bloggers come in (let me know if you’re interested!) along with designers, boutiques, and all fashion enthusiasts in the digital realm. I really need to expand the social network for my blog (follow my links at the end of this post for a start, and say hi!)

Being more active with my business ventures. I’m sure most of you aren’t aware I have items for sale on my Storenvy, Panache Boutique! It’s because I’ve neglected it lately but I promise I’ll be adding more and sticking to it! With that, Brian and I have been discussing our own business ventures the past few months, but haven’t gotten around to executing a plan or anything. We’re hoping to really make things happen this coming year! Last but certainly not least, blogging more also means turning Panache Offblast into a full-time business!

Doing something new every week. I’m in a new city, I should really be taking advantage of all of my new, exciting surroundings. The transition has been hectic and I still don’t feel like I’m settled in, but that’s no reason to not take time to explore and have fun at least once a week!

Saying yes more. I’ve always been a pretty hesitant and cautious person when it comes to opportunities that come my way, because of fear of… something. From here on out, I vow to say “yes” and allow opportunities to come my way and help me grow more!

What are your resolutions for the new year? Any highs and lows of 2014?

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And I really just want to wear my Betsey Johnson dresses and eat a lot of delicious sweets.

It’s also Christian Siriano‘s birthday along with Mickey Mouse! Hooray!

Here is a bundle of darling celebratory fashion editorials, perfect for a special day like today (yes, I’m calling my birthday special!)

all images found on Pinterest
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Goodbye September, Hello October

I absolutely love the last three months of the year, being it’s Pumpkin season, Halloween is soon, my birthday is in November, I get to layer more, and the holiday season is all around us. Although my move to San Francisco means no more heavy layering, I’m still very excited to bring out my tights, jackets, hats, among many other cool-weather layering accessories.

Today we’re saying goodbye to September and hello to a lovely, spooky, and cool October.

My September round-up via my Instagram!

Snickers 🐱
Can’t get enough of these hilly streets in SF!
Lunch at La Boulange!
Diesel Hat / Betsey Johnson Sweater / Michael Kors Track Pants / AE Flats
I cut my hair for the first time in forever and already miss my long hair – growing it out again!
I’m a HUGE fan of Birchbox (I’ve done a few reviews in the past!)
My haul from Daiso – featured on the blog!
Lunch in Japantown!
The best graphic T I own (which I also designed!)

Wonder Woman glassware my sister got for me!
A stylish #TBT
The best macarons I’ve EVER had in LA!
Finally got my desk – slowly organizing it!