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Late post today, but I’ve been out with my lovely friend Meghane getting a lot of shopping and styling done. I’m thinking of turning this into a real business/service soon, since I do it so often and I really enjoy it. I definitely feel that once you’ve been acquainting yourself with something you love for such a long time, you become better at it and (hopefully) find yourself liking it even more than you ever imagined. It happened with writing for me, and I now see it occurring more with styling – it’s not just something I really love to do, but, to put this in the humblest way, I’m actually pretty darn good at! I already have incredible friends who do some great promoting for me since they feel I should put myself out there more, so I thought I should get started – soon – on doing it for myself as well.

Little sneak preview of how my business cards will look soon! Very excited for this!

Have any of you started an independent, freelance business or service of some sort? If so, how did you get started and what do you offer? Is it going well so far? I’d love to hear some stories to become even more inspired and motivated! I’m definitely incredibly happy with the direction my blog is headed, and I’m thrilled to know that I have as many readers as I do – you all keep me going even more!

Nothing much more to say for today, really! I am investing in a tripod soon, though (since mine broke), which means you will be seeing some major postage of outfit photos, life snippets, and whatever I feel like snapping photos of and sharing here – hooray! My wishlist also seems to be getting longer, but it is still very much set on a pair of nude pumps, the perfect crossbody bag, and a really good lipstick/lipgloss – we’ll see where it takes me, though – sigh! The rest of my night includes eating a delish home-cooked meal by mama along with a box of Godiva chocolates from Meghane (love her!), composing some thoughts on what to post for this week, and pretty much just relaxing and enjoying the fact that it’s not 100+ degrees out! So happy to not have a sad case of the Mondays today – hopefully you haven’t had one either!

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when you wish upon a star ★ Miu Miu Glam

I clearly have a mild-high case of disco fever this week, with my little seventies history lesson yesterday and now all these incredible, glitzy, platform pumps I have to share with you today. I’ve always been a huge fan of Miu Miu and their amazing, high-quality bags, as well as their super unique shoes that I’ve envied foooooorever! This time around, they’ve brought me (okay, you too) a high dose of glitzy disco glamour with seventies-inspired platforms to majorly pump up the volume this fall. A girl can dream… right? Just look at all the glitter… and metallic finishes… and smooth leather… and jeweled heels… oh goodness!

Miu Miu

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PS: Today is Betsey Johnson’s 69th birthday! Can you believe it?! 
Happy Birthday Betsey baby 
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Links à La Mode!

Whether we realize it or not, we are all influenced by something, whether it be celebrities, trends or designs of the past. This week’s Links à La Mode celebrates influencers and the voices we create from our inspiration. As fashion bloggers, we have each other to look to when we are feeling uninspired and this community is something we should never take for granted!

Links à la Mode: July 28th

Thank you IFB!
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Leighton Meester Style Timeline

I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me, filled with working a lot, finishing up a costume I’m working on (which I’ll definitely post pictures of), and having a few get-togethers with friends. Today I thought I would share a celeb style timeline from one of my favorite fashionistas out there: Leighton Meester. When Leighton steps onto the red carpet, she demands attention as she’s a fierce force to be reckoned with. Her looks become more and more defined and eye-catching through each event, since she constantly switches it up, which is why she’s such a great person to follow.

Playing Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl means that Leighton gets one of the best TV wardrobes ever – I mean seriously, not one person on that show dresses poorly (except Taylor Momsen as the show progressed, sorry girl), and it’s all thanks to Stylist Eric Daman. Off the set though, Leighton’s personal style is a toned-down version of the sophisticated, preppy, Upper East Side socialite. She always goes for statements hues of yellow, green, blue, and magenta that compliment her skintone and hair perfectly.

For formal events, Leighton either opts for body-hugging pieces, slouchy, comfy numbers, one-shoulder dresses, and pretty much anything with a cinched waist to accentuate her figure. Her casual wear is preppy with a twist – think pairing a leather pencil skirt with a chic blazer and a romantic silk top. Her look is effortless but really looks like she spent forever putting herself together. From jeans and shorts to skirts and dresses, here are my favorite Leighton looks throughout the years (from 2003-2011):

On the set of Gossip Girl:

If I had an infinite amount of money right now, I’d snag every single piece she’s ever worn, especially when filming Gossip Girl. My heart sinks just a little every time I watch the show – sigh…
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Spotlight: Betsey Johnson Fall Preview

I’ve had quite the long weekend again, shared some more memories, worked a lot, and ate a lot of yummy food which is always a great plus. If you haven’t noticed already, my blog is officially at its own custom URL now – Panache Offblast. I’m pretty stoked and I hope you all are too, and find it easy to navigate without any issues – let me know if you do!

Today, I really want to share some previews of Betsey Johnson’s Fall 2011 collection because I’m so so so so excited and I feel it’s going to be one of my favorite collections ever thus far. Here are a few sneak-peeks before the entire collection hits stores (soon!)

In case you missed the runway show, here are my
 favorite looks from “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”!
I’m mostly looking forward to all the plaid prints and the oversized shirts
 which are both so perfect for Fall. All the layering looks perfect – so
 comfortable, lightweight and the prints are so feisty! 
Have a lovely Sunday!

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images via Betsey Johnson and style.com