Fifties Dollface

As I’ve previously posted, the 1950s are heavily taking a huge step into trends this season, and I love every bit of it.  This era produced some of the most elegant silver-screen stars the world has ever seen – including, of course, the inimitable Grace Kelly.  Celebrities, housewives, and women of all kinds aimed to dress their best in the most sophisticated, yet sexy, manner possible. So it is only appropriate that Benjamin Kanarek’s latest pictorial for Harper’s Bazaar en Espanol takes the title Elegant 50’s, and portrays, with absolute polished perfection, the mood of the ’50s. Model Michelle Westgeest sports blonde, luxurious, full waves, full skirted frocks, and elegant poses in some settings of Brobdingnagian furniture that make her look truly like a manicured porcelain doll. Whoever says modest and sophisticated ladies are boring, is completely wrong!

 Stay classy,
Danah (: 
photos via Benjamin Kanarek

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