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2014 Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Many of us decide on a color to incorporate into our outfits based on our moods; and others love following what’s in and trendy for the year, specifically by using the Pantone color system.

Pantone is the global color authority and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, from fashion and beauty to interior decor. If you watch Project Runway, you’ve definitely seen a few challenges inspired by a Pantone color of the year. The goal is to direct and study the way color influences the human thought process as well as our emotions and physical reactions. This definitely plays a vital role in the fashion industry as the color you’re wearing can absolutely set the tone for your mood.

With the New Year right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking fresh and deciding how we’re going to include new trends into our wardrobes. The 2013 color of the year has been Emerald; Pantone stated that it “served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity.” What do you think of that? Has it been a blooming, prosperous year for you? Don’t fret if it hasn’t been, since the 2014 color will be Radiant Orchid. Reaching across the color wheel to spark the imagination, the bright pigment symbolizes an invitation to innovation. It encourages you to expand your creativity and uniqueness, which is essential nowadays, as we all know. Radiant Orchid is a beautiful harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, inspiring confidence and showcasing joy, love and health.

For the fashion world, Radiant Orchid’s rosy undertones illuminate the skin when worn by both ladies and gents. A showstopper, the color was seen all over the Spring and Fall 2014 runway shows. Keep your eyes peeled as Radiant Orchid will carry its way into men’s and women’s clothing, shoes and accessories as well as beauty, decor and even food throughout all of 2014!

I definitely feel that this color is perfect for the New Year’s goals I’ve been setting which are all focused on trying new things and above all, being [and staying!] confident. Let’s plan from now with inspiration from fashion, makeup, decor and more. For even more to fuel your imagination, follow my Pinterest board where I’ll be pinning my favorite Radiant Orchid findings throughout the year. Share in the comments below how you’ll be incorporating the gorgeous hue into your year!

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20 Fall Essentials #19: Neon Elements

Yes, I have disappeared off the face of the Earth for the past… almost two weeks… but my birthday was last Friday and I was pretty frantic. I had the best birthday in the entire world though and I’m so blessed to have this many great friends who know how to throw amazing surprise parties and make me feel so special! I definitely will be sharing all the fun gifts I got… like a duck mug and a gigantic cupcake cookie jar – seriously!

My Fall series is almost over and I’m giving you back-to-back similar posts on achieving super bright looks in this otherwise dark & gloomy weather – so keep your eyes peeled wide open!

This past summer, I did a post on how to incorporate neon colors into your wardrobe without looking like you stepped in and out of a rave. For today, I decided to share how to wear these colors in make-up form, since that can be quite tricky! One of my favorite designers Jeremy Scott presented his Fall 2011 collection with punk-inspired models decked out in playful looks. Tightly pulled pigtails were mixed with rainbow colored extensions and adding to the fun factor even more was saturated eye makeup in acid greens and fluorescent orange hues. The models’ vibrant eyes seriously popped with color and while the look appears flirty and fun, it’s not exactly something you’d think about wearing everyday!

To get the look to be more appropriate for daily wear, Rebecca Cox from UK Glamour Magazine shows and tells a super easy method to pull off the neontastic look.

I never thought yellow lids would look so good – that’s usually one of the hardest colors to pull off especially if you have a light skin-tone. Here’s a step-by-step guide on achieving this look, courtesy Rebecca. *Disclaimer: I tweaked a few of the steps according to my make-up routine which I find to be easiest, as well as to cater to readers considering the makeup used in this tutorial may not be available to everyone. All other notes are strictly by Rebecca and I do not claim any of her work!
  • Step 1: Base & Shadow: Apply a base of shadow primer using the tip of your index finger or a small concealer brush. Follow with a light foundation applied with a highlighter brush touched up with concealer in one shade lighter than your skin-tone. Then, using your favorite green-yellow eye-liner pencil, apply all over the eyelid as a base to define your eye – blend, blend, and blend using an eyeshadow brush!
  • Step 2: Eye Definition: Apply shades of rose, camels, and browns on the crease of your eyelid to advance the green-yellow color even more. Try a palette like Sigma’s ‘Dare’ as seen above! Then, using a deep burgundy red eye-pencil, angle a line up from your lash line and along the socket line, blending with the shadow.
  • Step 3: Liner & Lashes: Using your favorite black eyeliner, line the crease of your eye and blend so it won’t appear too bold. Layer your lashes with a lengthening mascara.
  • Step 4: Blush & Lip: Apply a light rose blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend back towards your ears. Cover your lips using a hot candy pink lip pencil and finish it off with a semi-sheer pink gloss to make the look pop! 
In four easy steps, you’ve achieved a neon look that you can pull off just about any time of day!

More Inspiration

If you’re into neon hues, what is your favorite way to wear the trend? 
Would you rather stick to it in clothing or are you brave enough to 
pull it off in makeup form? Share below!
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