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How Color Affects Our Mood

How Color Affects Our Mood

There’s a reason why we describe certain emotions in a specific way — seeing red, feeling blue, being green with envy — color and mood are directly connected. Color is a powerful communication tool and can be used to signal action, influence mood and drive physiological reactions. So, how exactly does color work? How is color believed to impact mood and our surroundings? Read on to find out how you can incorporate the proper colors into your life, in order to create a sense of balance and harmony.

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weekly recap


I can’t believe it’s April. Then again, I say this every… single… year when life feels like it’s moving a little too fast! Nevertheless, I always do my best to fulfill my time with as much productivity, adventure, and happiness as I can, whether it’s (finally) buying a new pair of glasses (check ’em out after the jump below – I’m in love!), wandering about the streets of San Francisco, or writing away until my hand aches (it’s a good thing, trust me). I also have quite a bit to look forward to this month as well as the next few, so there’s always that to keep me getting through all the Mondaze.

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Goodbye June, Hello July

June went by so fast but it’s been quite the ride, with some new memories made and adventures had, looking forward to new beginnings, and overall being on the right track as we’re officially done with half of the year (can you believe it?). Here’s a look back at some June highlights via my Instagram (follow my updates @DanahD). Stay tuned for a 4th of July shopping post tomorrow, followed by some outfit posts to get you even more inspired for this weekend’s holiday. Happy July!

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life lately via IG

I’ve really been neglecting my blog lately, despite promising myself I would keep up with it a lot more this year. I still vow to keep that promise, and it’s not like it’s too late! I’ve just been tied up with a few other life happenings lately, that I’ve had trouble finding the time to sit down and really focus on writing. Nonetheless, here’s a new post featuring what I’ve been up to via my Instagram @DanahD, because that seems to be the easiest and quickest form of Social Media to update our lives through!