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Friday Favorites

Despite this gloomy weather, happy Friday! I’m actually off of work tonight and have no plans thus far… maybe that calls for some spring cleaning? We’ll see! Here are five things to know this afternoon!

  • Come out to Style Etoile tomorrow from 10am-6pm for an exclusive shopping event and the chance to meet Martí (whom I currently intern for!) – designer of luxe tailored essentials – as well as styling duo Natalie and Christina Albina! You’ll be able to preview new collections and take advantage of sample sale prices! Trust me… you don’t want to miss this – the pieces are amazing.
  • Speaking of Martí, we are having a giveaway! Simply ‘like’ our Facebook page for the chance to win this amazing leather jacket pictured below (retailed at $500!). Once we reach 500 likes, one lucky winner will be announced! Good luck! 

  • If you know me well, you know my obsession with anything princess-like. Well… Marc Jacobs just launched a pair of beautiful transparent pumps that has my inner fairy princess calling out to! What a major update on Cinderella’s magical slippers! I’m in love ❤ Get them here

  • A little while back, I shared my top fashion apps for the iPhone. The list, however, keeps growing, as tech-savvy folks come up with fresh unique ideas, such as Trendabl. Just like Instagram, but for fashion, strike a pose or post a picture of something you must share, and voila! Plus, you can follow our favorite fashion-forward icons including Michael Kors, Diane von Furstenberg, and Barneys NY! My username is Danah (:
  • In fashion, you can often depict one’s ‘fashion personality’ by their choice of shoes and handbag, with their bag being more crucial since it is probably the one fashion item we consistently wear the most. Refinery29 highlighted six common bags… and personalities they reveal. Which bag are you?! I’m a mixture of a Celine Luggage Bag Tote and a Cambridge Satchel Company bag. 
What is everyone doing this weekend? I’m going to try my best to make it to the Style Etoile event before work, and the rest of my weekend will most likely consist of relaxation, which I strangely need a lot of lately.

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lifestyle, sunday finds

Friday Favorites: Fashion Apps

If you haven’t yet discovered through my previous posts, I’d like to consider myself as being pretty geek-chic-savvy! However, I’m definitely still a (slight) newbie to iPhone land! Since I’ve gotten my iPhone a few months ago, I’ve been discovering so many new fashion apps that I don’t know what to do with myself (seriously… I’m obsessed with my phone at the moment). If you’re as sartorially savvy as you are on the ball when it comes to technology, then you are in luck! I’ve downloaded every (free) fashion-themed app available on the market, and narrowed it down to four that I feel any fashion enthusiast can greatly benefit from or simply have fun with. Read on and get yourself tapping away!


For: The Power Shopper
Works With: iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch

If Gossip Girl was a fashion app, this would SO be it. The brand-new app basically enables you to blab to the world all the fancy and tempting fashion finds you spot while shopping. Simply snap a pic of an amazing pair of pumps or a to-die-for handbag, tag its brand, list its price, and location you found it, and share the news with other snap-happy shopaholics! Connect your app to your Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts to receive hot points in votes and to lust over products with other stylish people!


For: Fashion Bloggers & Fashionistas!
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Anytime you’re feeling fabulous with that super stylish new outfit you’ve just pulled together and don’t have a street style photographer on hand, simply strike a Pose with this app! It’s best described as a user-generated street style site a la, but in real-time. Pose, snap, and tag brands if you’d like, and a statement caption. Then sit back and see how many fellow ‘posers’ love your look!
The OutNet StyleCred

For: Aspiring Stylists
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

If your dream is like mine to be the next Rachel Zoe, then this app is perfect for you! Test your styling skills by putting together head-to-toe looks using the online retailers abundance of clothing, shoes & accessories. If your friends and followers like what they see, they can click to purchase any item in the mix and you, the stylist, will snag $30 in store credit for each new item bought! Win-win!


For: Every fashion enthusiast
Works With: iPhone
I absolutely love Poshmark, mainly due to the fact that I feel like I’m friends with everyone who is on their, regardless of whether or not I actually know them! The founders and the community make it super exciting by hosting shopping parties, allowing you to sell items straight from your closet, shop with confidence, and connect with others in the Poshmark fashion community. With creating a listing of an item you want to sell, you can even edit the photo with fun filters to make your piece stand out even more! Think of it as your own little fashion eBay, except more close-knit and with real-time parties! I have one listing so far, a pair of Baby Phat shoes (go buy them!)

What’s your favorite fashion app from the ones listed above? Are there any that
 aren’t listed that you love using? Share your thoughts in the comments below 

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